You’ve had it.

The blog’s had it. Enough is enough.

Every time you look at your blog or think about it, you feel sick with anxiety or worse still, you feel nothing. Just emptiness where once your mojo lay.

It’s too difficult, you’re sinking in reviews, there’s never enough time and you constantly feel like you’re failing. Especially when you do that thing you know you should never ever do. That one stupid thing.

The compare game.

But you can’t help it! Everywhere you turn there are bloggers after bloggers and then even more bloggers shouting out about their success, promoting their posts, showing off their kids or holidays or free goods and you just want to scream.

You can’t escape it and feel like you can’t breathe with the pressure and envy and feelings of inadequacy that you continually have to stomach.

The blogging dream has become your nightmare.

There’s only one thing for it. It’s time to give it the heave ho.

Or is it?

Got five minutes? Then hear me out and let’s chat this through.

Here are just some of the hundred or so reasons I’ve come up with to quit my blog over the past four and a bit years. (And why I haven’t.)

  • It’s too hard. Damn right it is. This blogging game is never easy (regardless of how it may appear) but being too hard isn’t a good enough reason to give it up. Unless of course you’re a quitter. The key to blogging? Hanging in there, digging deep and sticking at it.
  • It’s going nowhere and I feel stuck. It happens. Every single blogger I know feels like this from time to time. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and even depressing, but being ‘stuck’ or feeling ‘stuck’ isn’t a bad thing. What it is though is a sign that you need to change. That it’s time for something different.
  • I no longer enjoy writing about (INSERT HERE). Fine. Then start writing about something else instead. What floats your boat so to speak?
  • I’ve had a bad personal experience with blogging and it’s really put me off. Again, many of us have been there. Look, some people are mean. Some people are vicious. Some people are downright nasty and jealous and only out for themselves. Some people have nothing better to do than to just attack people from behind the safety of a screen. It’s horrible but never forget most people aren’t this way. Think, will this still upset you in 12 months time? If the answer is no, then rise above it and move on.
  • I never get any brands contacting me. But do they know who you are? Brands will come, but it takes time. So why not make their lives easier and get in touch with them? Contact any brand that you adore or would love to work with and see what happens. You may just be surprised.
  • I don’t make any money from it. Blogs do and can make money. I know because I’m one of the lucky ones. But it doesn’t happen overnight. And some months are worse, much worse than others. Try and get some sponsored posts. Ask for small payments for reviews (especially for low cost items). Look at advertising. Write an ebook or course. Blog about your skills. Open a shop. There’s so many ways you can make money from blogging. You just need to find what works best for you and give it time.
  • I don’t have any blogging buddies. Then make some. Reach out. Strike up conversations on social media. Comment on other blogs. Attend blogging conferences. I promise you, most of us are pretty friendly.
  • I just don’t love it anymore. Hmm. OK, then it’s time for a break. Close your computer. Switch off from social media completely and do anything but blogging. Get on with your life and then wait for your blogging passion to return.
  • I’m not good enough. I will only say this once…YES. YOU. ARE.
  • I don’t have anything to blog about. Rubbish. Not buying this one. Talk about your life, your passions, things you have done, places you have visited, things that annoy you, things that have made you cry, things that you love. And when you get an idea, for the love of god, WRITE IT DOWN!
  • I never have enough time. And so say all of us. Even if the days were doubled, there would never be enough time for blogging because there’s always so much to do. Infuriating yes, but that’s the way this blogging cookie crumbles. The key is to be organised, prioritise and focus on one thing at a time. Also be realistic with what is possible with the time you do have and don’t be a perfectionist either. Just do your best, get good content up, share it, always be a pleasure to work with and engage with other bloggers.
  • I can’t compete with other bloggers. You do not need to. Find your voice, find your niche and then give it everything you’ve got. If you keep on worrying about what other bloggers are achieving, then you will achieve nothing. Whenever you’re tempted to compare, do it if you must but always make sure you wish other people well and then put the focus back on you.
  • It doesn’t do / hasn’t done anything for me. Really? Are you absolutely sure? What about the new friends you’ve made or the people who have thanked you for sharing your story? What about the brands you’ve worked with? The opportunities that have come in? The doors that have opened? The moments you have captured that you would never have even thought about, if only for your blog?
  • I’m just not happy with it. Then change it my friend. Get a new logo. Buy a new theme. Write better content. Vlog. Podcast. Take more photos. Improve your skills. Post more. Post less. Tweak and alter and play around until you do have something that makes you proud. Trust me, we are all just figuring this shizzle out as we go.
  • I just hate it. Like really HATE it. Then take a long, long break. Come back to it with fresher eyes and then – and only then – if you do still feel the same way, blow us all a kiss goodbye and get on with your life. (Good luck. x)



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