BEING a blogger is wonderful.

Life changing, confidence building and a hell of a lot of fun too.

It helps you learn new skills, it pulls out of you talents that you never knew you had and it forces you to up your game.

But. (There’s always a but right?!)

It’s hard. Like seriously hard.

I know of many people who think being a blogger is a walk in the park. And oh how I laugh! (In the nicest, possible way naturally).

But it does come as a surprise to most people not in the know, that the life of a blogger isn’t so glamorous or as easy as they perhaps believe.

To succeed in the blogging world (I view success as whatever that means for you), you need to do lots of things. And to be able to do them well.

But today, I want to talk about the stuff you should never do.

The stuff that will – if you’re not careful – trip you up, put you in a tail spin or leave you feeling deflated.

Why you ask? Because it’s for your own good.

Here are 10 big ol’ blogging bonanzas of mistakes, that (ideally) you should never, ever do.

(And I must warn you, it’s pretty epic so you might want to pop the kettle on first…)


10 blogging mistakes you should never make


Trying or pretending to be someone you are not

It can be very tempting when you create an online world to want to create an online persona to match. To become someone else.

But if you think this will draw people to you like moths to a flame, then you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Want to entice readers? Want to keep them?

Then just be yourself.

This is what people want. The real, authentic and genuine you. Not a pretend one.

Just you. Warts, wrinkles, bedhead an’ all.

Trying to be someone you’re not or worse still, pretending to people that you are something which you’re not, may work in the short term, but it’s never really a good idea. Even the best liars get caught out eventually so just keep things real.

Trust me, in the blogging world (as in the real world) you are enough.


Comparing yourself to other bloggers (in an unhealthy way)

Want to p**s all over you own blogging parade?! Then do this.

Seriously go ahead but mark my words, it will ruin you.

Comparison is natural, we all do it but if you find yourself doing it on a regular and unhealthy basis, watch out. Because constant comparison-making will only ever be detrimental to you and your blog.

There are millions of blogs out there, both good and bad. So comparing your blog to someone else’s is pretty futile really.

As my Dad once wisely said to me, “there will always be someone bigger and better than you.” 

So don’t compare your blog to anyone else’s. Don’t visit other blogs if you leave feeling miserable. And stop fretting over numbers, comparing yours with other bloggers.

Save your energy, keep your sanity and use the time you’d spend comparison making working on your own blog instead.


Not being wary of unsolicited ‘advice’

When you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll soon find that people start to have an opinion about you and your blog.

Which is fine, in fact better than fine, it’s great!

But what isn’t so great is when other bloggers start to offer unsolicited advice or give you their ‘feedback’.

There’s a huge difference between asking for help or advice and people just offering it, so be wary of those who come out of the woodwork to point out one of your flaws or tell you you’re doing something ‘wrong’.

The blogging community is incredibly supportive, encouraging and kind as a whole but just be aware that you may sometimes find yourself receiving unwanted attention from a few bloggers desperate to burst your bubble.

If twenty people tell you the same thing, you might want to pay attention. But if it’s just one or two, take it all with a pinch of salt.


ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 59a

Letting fear get in the way of your greatness

Months ago, I had a post in me, that I knew I had to write.

My instinct told me it would be popular, that it would help people whilst also being cathartic for me to ‘get it out’ of my system.

But even though I knew this, I was a blogging scaredy cat.

Eventually however I took the plunge, sat down, poured my soul out and hit that publish button and guess what?

Yep low and behold it proved to be my biggest post to date.

Don’t let fear get in the way of your blogging greatness. Don’t let it stop you achieving big things.

Playing it safe may make you feel comfortable, but I ask you, will it make you memorable?

Want to achieve greatness with your blog?

Ignore your fears, push that publish button on posts that make you nervous (always a great sign in my book) and step out of your comfort zone.


Delivering the same ol’ content over & over again

Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Online readers are the fussiest readers around, giving you mere seconds to grab their attention if you’re lucky.

You gotta shake things up, get creative, experiment and have some fun!

Throw in an occasional vlog, collaborate with other bloggers, write about something totally different or change your writing style.


Tiring yourself out

Ah blogger burnout. Hands up who’s been there? Yep, me too.

You cannot work at your blog full throttle, all of the time. You just can’t.

You may think you can, but let me tell you, eventually it will catch up with you and leave you frazzled.

It’s your blog. You are the gaffer. You’re in control so make it work for you!

Be kind to yourself, work at your best pace, be choosy over which brands you work with and think about where you are putting your energy and spending your time.

And if you feel like you’re overwhelmed or stressed out?

Then for the love of all of us, please just stop.

Take a break, (have a biscuit) and only come back when you’ve got something left in the pot to give.

ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 58a copy

Being a perfectionist

I hate to break it to you, especially to all the perfectionists out there, but your blog will never, ever be good enough. (To you).

It will never have enough readers. It will never look exactly as you want it too. It will never be ‘perfect’.

So accept this now and save yourself months of heartache.

Blogging is an evolving world and the work never ends.

Every hour, every day, every week, we’re all sat working our blogger butts off to make our blogs bigger and better.

And that’s OK.

But what isn’t ok, is driving yourself into the ground or having a breakdown because you haven’t achieved everything yet.

Slow down, have faith, be patient and keep on working hard and let me tell you, good things will come.


Thinking that your blog is not good enough

I never thought I’d say this, but confidence has played a huge part in my blogging career.

And it will in yours too.

It is, I think, the key to success. That and self belief.

Because I’ve learned over the years that if you treat your blog as just ‘some little thing’ or act like it’s not so important, other people will treat it as such.

You have to believe that your blog is good enough. Whether you’ve got five readers or five million.

Never downplay your work. Never be afraid of sharing your posts. Never forget that your voice matters.

Always talk about your blog positively and never, ever work for brands for free (unless you really, really want to.)

Believe in your blog. Believe in what you are creating. And believe in yourself.

For if you don’t, no one else will.


Keeping yourself to yourself

If you think your blog will flourish on it’s own, without you having to engage with, support or chat to other bloggers, then you are wrong.

You don’t have to of course. You don’t have to speak to other bloggers in your field. You don’t have to read other blogs and leave comments. You don’t have to go to blogging events and make new friends.

But I highly recommend that you do.

Blogs and the blogging community are a bit like communal gardens. The more love we put into them all, the more they will all bloom.


Falling out of love with your blog (long term)

It happens.

You might not think so at the beginning, but if you’re not careful, the initial flush of love you feel for your blog can very quickly fade.

So you need to do everything in your power to stop the rot.

Why? Because blogging requires LOVE.

Your blog needs your love to improve and attract a larger audience. Other bloggers need your love to know that they’re doing a good job. The blogging community needs love to grow bigger, better and stronger.

To put it simply, blogs cannot survive without it.

You can always tell the blogs that aren’t loved. They’re the ones which look outdated. They’re the ones that lack regular content. They’re the ones written by miserable bloggers who feel as if they are failing.

Want a successful blog? Then show it love!

There really is no other way.

Love your blog. Love what you do.

(Or move on with your life and create something new.)


Blogger friends, as always, I would love (get it?!) to hear more from you all on this. Which are your biggest blogging sins and how we can all avoid them? x


With love,








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73 Discussions on
  • Another fab post lovely!! I fell out of love with my blog recently so I have done (another!!) new header and am changing my style to one that makes me happy xx

    • Thank you darling! Hey, we all do it, however the difference is that you’ve realised it and are fighting it. The love is still there, you’re just trying to create more of it. ;-) x

  • Definitely agree with all these! Important to keep things in perspective, and to take a step off the hamster wheel once in a while. I did that recently and it did me the world of good. Being yourself, and giving of yourself is very good advice indeed. The blogging community is a very supportive one – and you get out what you put in, just like with anything xxx

    • Thanks so much Leigh. Yes perspective is key. Blogs can be life changing but they shouldn’t take over our lives. (I should have made that number 11 ;-) ) xxx

  • Really good things to her in mind, I would say definitely just be yourself and you are right, get out there and share your stuff and read and engage in other people’s too. Friendships are there in blogging too! x

    • They really are. The friendships you can make is definitely one of the best things to come out of blogging for sure! x

  • Brilliant post! I have been guilty of a few of these sins over my time, namely not thinking my blog is good enough and letting fear get in the way of me posting things, the latter of which I struggle with quite regularly! I have plenty of posts in mind and topics I’d like to write about, but struggle to find the confidence or courage to do so sometimes, for fear of how it will be received. Time to face that fear! xx

    • Ah Jen, we’ve all been there! Putting yourself out there or baring your soul is hard! But please do it. I promise you, every time I am fearful of a post, I know it is a ‘golden one’. You can do it :) x

  • Brilliant post.

    The worst mistake I ever made was paying for FB ads. I got a bunch of likes from obviously fake pages which have closed over time taking my likes with them. Also FB “hide” your posts to encourage you to pay again. It’s taken months to get my organic reach back.

    • Ah that’s interesting Tori! FB is so tricky to get right that’s for sure. Interesting to hear of your experience. thanks for sharing x

  • Great list and I’m afraid I fell victim to some of these when I started blogging, especially comparing myself to others (even though I had only blogged for about a week and they had been doing it for years!!!). I’ve definitely learnt to concentrate more on just doing my own thing and I’ve felt much happier for it x

    • Thanks Laura. We all do it, I’ve committed this particular sin many times but eventually I think you figure out it just makes you feel rubbish and you start to focus on your own blog and contribution :)

  • Great post! I think that the ‘sin’ I am most guilty of is writing the ‘same kind’ of post as I have a bit of a niche blog and sometimes I realize I have written very similar posts – usually when I am a bit burnt out and feel like I am doing it because I ‘have to’. #TheList

    • I think the key is the ‘burn out’ bit. That’s when it becomes a chore, we lose our mojo etc. I def find taking a little time away from the blog just to enjoy life and ‘be’ definitely helps. x

  • Love these tips, particularly the one about producing the same old stuff. I’ve always done family food (for 3 years!), but recently so much has changed in my life (started vlogging for Channel Mum, moved to the country) I feel my blog should reflect that, so now I am doing a wider scope of posts, with a complete rebrand and new site coming soon. Never been so excited about my blog. It’s so important to keep it fresh. Love your posts Katie, they really always do get me thinking – and positively too! X P.S. I’ve been a bit rubbish at the networking thing – what’s the best ‘do’ do you think? Can only really justify one over year! X

    • Brilliant to hear Rachel! And thanks ever so much, you have officially put a smile on my face this morning. :) In terms of networking, the best ‘do’ I’ve been to is BritMums. Happens just once a year and is worth going, even just to meet up with lots of lovely bloggers. x

  • This is such a lovely and inspiring post Katie. I completely agree. Learning as I go still. But keeping to your own authentic voice like you say and staying true to yourself is so important. Thank your for this great post x

    • Oh Tanita, thank you! I think we’re all learning as we go, especially in the blogging world as things change so quickly. x

  • Great post, I fell out of love with my blog a bit last month, I think I had a touch of blogger burnout, but I’m back with a bit more passion. Really needed this :)

  • Fabulous post! I love this and I think I’ve found the blog post I will feature next week as my favourite on my weekly post ‘The Weekly Sum Up’. I have an idea for a post that I am scared to write but I think could be incredibly popular. However, I also think it could generate negative comments, fraudsters and trolls … I’m so nervous about how to proceed and not sure what to do! Off to read your most popular post now :) If you have a moment to hear my idea I’d love to bounce it off you! Email me at the email attached to this comment if you are interested, I’d love some perspective from someone in the UK simply because I’m not sure how you would view such a thing (different cultures obviously have different perspectives on things – it would be embraced in NZ but not sure about Britain). Sorry, I know this is gibberish! Anyway, great post! #TheList

    • Thanks so much Haidee. So thrilled you liked it and that it resonated. And of course I’d love to hear! Always happy to give my thoughts. Thanks so much for popping by x

  • I go through my old posts every so often to see if I’m getting a bit repetitive, and I have a think about what I could write that would break up the “I hate my job” posts ;-) I don’t write what I think people want to hear, but I do make sure I’ve got a nice mix of stuff that comes from the heart and beauty/interiors/style posts. So – although it’s the opposite of a blogging sin – I think doing a regular blog audit is something I would recommend to anybody starting out. x


  • Such a great post Katie and brilliant advice! I’ve just been blogging for eighteen months so definitely have no amazing wisdom to impart, but the more time goes on, the more I find myself relaxing and enjoying the whole thing. I rarely look at the numbers anymore and try to concentrate instead on creating content that I really love. I figure as long as I’m happy with it, that’s the main thing! I really enjoyed reading this! Xx

    • Thank you so much! Your comment made me smile throughout because it sounds as if you’re doing it all right to me. :) x

  • Ah, great post. I’ve been reading a fair few of your blog posts about blogging lately as I’m suffering from a combination of falling out of love with the blog and some terrible fear. Your tips never fail to push me that little bit closer to blogging again. X

    • Ah thank you so much Chrissie. That has warmed my cockles. This blogging malarkey can be tricky at times, hang on in there! It gets better ;-) x

  • Eek I’ve done so many of these, comparison, fear and even pointing out other blogger’s errors. (but honestly I thought I was helping, not tearing down that is never my intention) I’m the kind of person that always wants to encourage others and do better so these tips will help me. Will take all of these on board lovely lady! Love the photo’s too, really striking Lizzie xo #thelist

    • Thanks so much Lizzie. I should probably add here, if it wasn’t so clear, that pointing out errors can be helpfuL and is probably welcomed by all bloggers! It’s more when some bloggers, feeling a little threatened, try to make you feel small or minimise your efforts and success. That’s what I’m talking about and I can’t imagine you doing that for one minute! :) x

  • This is a good list to remember. It is so easy for me to compare myself to others and wonder why I’m not doing as well as them. The last point resonates with me too, it is so important to get yourself out there. I am quite shy so find it hard to enter into Twitter conversations sometimes. #sundaystars

    • Thanks Rachel. Hope it helps! I think we’re all guilty of the comparison thing, it’s just trying not to dwell on it that is the key! x

  • All good points, but the best one is about talking and making friends with other bloggers, we provide an essential community for one another. And, it doesn’t propel one blog into the stratosphere leaving the others behind, it helps us all soar. #sundaystars

    • We really, really do. So true. Love our community, i’ve made some incredible friends and found some amazing blogs through it x

  • Great advice. In the beginning, I really struggled with the confidence thing. I would fret about whether or not to publish posts. Now, for the most part, I just hit publish without much thought. I do have the odd post where I think should I, shouldn’t I, and like you, I usually find they are my most popular posts! #Sundaystars

    • Ah it happens Debbie. Confidence plays a huge part in anything I guess, but especially blogging. Not always so easy to hit that button, but I’m so glad you’re going for it these days. :) x

  • I found myself nodding along with this post – especially the bit about being true to yourself.
    One of my favourite quotes is by Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself – everyone else is taken” So true!
    Great post!

  • Brilliant post, lovely! I am afraid that at one point or another I have probably done most of these. I am a perfectionist and my blog is NEVER good enough and I am never happy about the amount of blog. I always doubt myself and my blog and worry what others think of it. But ultimately I love my blog and chatting to my readers and that is what is important. I write from the heart and I always feel nervous before pressing “publish”. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • Well – blogger sins aside (we’ve all done them haven’t we?!) – it sounds like you know exactly what you’re doing to me. Love your writing and love your honesty. Keep on keeping on Mrs H. x

  • Great post. I think, in the beginning, I thought I could post infrequent posts and somehow build up a following without any work. I am gradually becoming more savvy! Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Katie, I hope you are well. Thanks for this post. I think the main thing I have learned in my 5 months of blogging is that I need to rule my blog and not let it rule me. There was a time when there just weren’t enough hours in the day – there still aren’t enough hours in the day so blogging has to fit in around my life – my blog and I are better friends now!

    To justify devoting more time to my blog – which I would like to do – I am going to have to make some money from it. I know that I can only have my own blogging voice if I am anonymous. Do you by any chance have any tips for monetising an anonymous blog or anyone who you know who does? Thank you.

    Finally, just thought you should know that one of my favourite things about your blog is your photos. They are great!

    Pen xx

    • Hi Pen. It’s hard isn’t it?! In terms of monetising an anonymous blog I don’t I’m afraid. You could try adding some Google Ads / adverts / affiliate links for starters? In terms of brands, I have no idea how they would get on with an anonymous blog so perhaps creating and sending out a media kit with all of your stats / testimionials / strengths etc might be a good place to start.

      Best of luck with it and thanks so much for you pic comment! I’ve tried really hard over the past year or so, with the help of a photographer pal of mine to improve the pics on here so that means a lot. :) x

  • Thanks so much that was exactly what I needed to read! I’m just starting out and so lots of very sound advice!

  • This is great advice and I have fallen into the trap of comparing myself to other blogs too many times! Remembering why I blog and who its for and that family always comes first is what’s working for me at the moment :)
    Thanks for sharing such fantastic advice.

    • Ah my pleasure. You’ve totally hit the nail on the head too. It’s all about remembering why we do it in the first place and yes, definitely,always putting family and loved ones first. x

  • Great post and some sage advice there – I nodded in agreement a lot while reading it! I’ve definitely been guilty of a few of these mistakes in the past and still trip up now and then, despite having five years of blogging under my belt (and well over a decade of writing for a living too). It’s definitely a never-ending learning experience!

    • Ah I think we all have Tom! Myself included! ;-) It totally is a never-ending learning experience, which is probably a huge part of why we all love it so much!

  • Wise words! I’m really new to blogging and totally getting now that it’s more than the writing (Twitter was a mystery to me until a month ago and never heard of the term linky) i’m feeling the love at the moment. I like that there is so much to learn it feels like an adventure. I do need to hold back on the comparisons to other blogs and find my own little groove.

    • Thanks so much Sarah! So glad to hear you’re feeling the love and you’re right, blogging really is a big adventure. Three and half years on and I’m still finding my feet with many things. Best of luck with it! x

  • I read a lot of these types of posts and most I find aren’t that helpful but yours has really resonated with me. I’m dealing with a lot of these issues at the moment – blogger burnout, being a perfectionist and falling out of love with my blog. I spend hours on my blog and sometimes when that translates to not many views it can get me down. Although I go in and out of these phases all the time. I think I really do need to work on my confidence levels, that could be the key to pulling myself out of the ongoing rut I seem to be in.

    • Ah Toni, I’m so glad it resonated. It really does happen to all of us so try not to let it get you down. Taking some time away to analyse things always works for me. x

  • Great post!

    I’m guilty of a few of these. I see all these brilliant blogs and quite often find myself worrying that I’m not good enough. I have to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place.

    Of course I love it when people read my blog and take the time to share and comment. But I started blogging because I love writing and I wanted to share some of my experiences in the hope it may help others too. And I love blogging more than I ever thought I would. I have to think about those things and have the confidence to just go for it and enjoy the blogging journey. You’ve inspired me to do just that. Thank you! Hx

    • Ah Helen, so pleased it helped! We’ve all been there, big or small. It takes a huge amount of confidence and self belief to keep going in the blogging world. Best of luck and enjoy the journey! x

  • Fab post! I used to blog whenever I had time so sometimes I posted several a week to then some weeks nothing at all. I’ve finally decided to stick to 2 posts per week, maybe 3 if it fits wit the season/topics. When I have plenty to say I schedule in advance so it looks like I’ve got something to say every week :) Plus side is that I’ve got more time and make the most of social media as well.

    • Yes consistency is key I think Jennie! Not always possible but good to try our best. Glad to hear it’s working for you.

  • Hi Katie, I’m relatively new to blogging and have just stumbled across your really helpful post, I’m definitely guilty of feeling that I’m not good enough, so it’s good to hear we all suffer from that from time to time!

    Looking forward to reading some more of your posts, your blog looks really fab! Xx

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