GO on, I beg of you.

You’ll be in good company too I promise, because I’m just about to do exactly that.

I’ve been sitting here for a good couple of hours now working, but there’s nothing else left in the tank, so to speak. I’m supposed to be sat here writing blog posts and catching up with emails.

You know, all the kind of stuff, a busy freelancing blogger is supposed to do, but I can’t carry on today.

I’ve had enough.

I’ve got no desire to write anything profound, no oomph to help see me through my mammoth to do list.

It’s just one of those, ‘not feeling so creative’ days. You know the ones I mean.

I’ve got no drive, no urge and little motivation. So I’m about to stop. STOP, shut down my computer and sit down with a cuppa. And maybe even a wee biscuit.

I still feel guilty.  I still feel like I should be doing something. I still look at my huuugge list of stuff to do and think argh! But I’m ignoring it.

Because you know what my friends, it’s OK to stop sometimes. To give ourselves permission to rest or do something else.

We are allowed. Admittedly when you’re at work that might be tricky, but at home this evening or at lunchtime today, you are allowed to just go: “woooaaaahh, get me off this merry go round, I need a break!”

It’s good for us you know. Healthy too and normal.

And besides the guilt, it feels rather bloody brilliant. It’s all about being kinder to ourselves, so I urge you to give it a try, if you need to.

I’m off now to stick that kettle on, but before I go, just keep it in mind.

All that stuff you need to do? I bet you a pair of very fancy shoes, that 99 per cent of it can absolutely wait.

Catch you tomorrow. Now then where is that biscuit tin?


With love,






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  • I agree! I try every day at work to get out in my lunch break, regardless of how busy I might be, as I need the time out to myself! Sometimes I wander around the local lakeside and others its a trip to the supermarket/shops – but it gets me away from my desk and clears my head! xx

    • Yep, it’s SO needed isn’t it?! How on earth did we get to a point though when most of us feel bad for having a break?! x

    • Don’t wrestle, just enjoy. :) Work and life will soon pick up again and then you’ll be wishing you’re in front of that fire! x

  • I’m with you. I left my teaching jobs at the end of last year and I’m purely freelance now. Work is always slow for musicians I’m January so I’m sat on my ass.
    I was feeling guilty….but not now I’ve read this! Bravo.xx

  • Done and done. Thank you for your permissive post. This parental guilt is a swine, isn’t it?

    I’ve been trying to make sure I do a bit of mindfulness every day (ten minutes after I put our young lad to bed at night), which I think is helping me to look after myself, even though it’s still like a bit of a project, i.e. work. The blogging I do is still of the unpaid, leisure time variety, so I have to squeeze it in among childcare, time with my wife (not something I’m prepared to give up), housework and paid work like proofreading, etc. It is definitely something I enjoy though, so it feels like taking care of myself too (as long as I’m not up half the night doing it!)

    Really enjoying your blog.

    Keep on keeping on. x

    • Thanks so much. And yes the guilt, the guilt! It never goes. It’s so hard when you’re an adult with responsibilities to switch off. But we must, sometimes. We all deserve a bloomin’ break and not on rare occasions. Hope you manage to sit back and relax very soon. :)

  • I couldn’t have read a better post today. I struggle to turn it all off and switch gears to break time. It’s always I will just answer these emails, I will just quickly write these two blog posts or answer these messages on social media etc I never feel caught up where I can just take a break. It’s tough sometimes working from home as it’s always there saying work on me. Instead of left at the office where I can’t work on anything even if I wanted to.

    • I hear ya lovely. I struggle to. I think it’s worse for us bloggers also, as the work never ends. There’s always so much more to do! But…I’m learning that when my heart isn’t in the work or I don’t have the energy, it’s OK to stop and leave it for another day. Maybe the key for you is to leave the house and go for a cuppa somewhere?

  • Arggghhhh don’t tell me to eat buscuits ;) ! Seriously though huni, I am never not either working or looking after Baby, unless I am asleep. I need to heed this advice. Love you huni xxx

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