GO on, I beg of you.

You’ll be in good company too I promise, because I’m just about to do exactly that.

I’ve been sitting here for a good couple of hours now working, but there’s nothing else left in the tank, so to speak. I’m supposed to be sat here writing blog posts and catching up with emails.

You know, all the kind of stuff, a busy freelancing blogger is supposed to do, but I can’t carry on today.

I’ve had enough.

I’ve got no desire to write anything profound, no oomph to help see me through my mammoth to do list.

It’s just one of those, ‘not feeling so creative’ days. You know the ones I mean.

I’ve got no drive, no urge and little motivation. So I’m about to stop. STOP, shut down my computer and sit down with a cuppa. And maybe even a wee biscuit.

I still feel guilty.  I still feel like I should be doing something. I still look at my huuugge list of stuff to do and think argh! But I’m ignoring it.

Because you know what my friends, it’s OK to stop sometimes. To give ourselves permission to rest or do something else.

We are allowed. Admittedly when you’re at work that might be tricky, but at home this evening or at lunchtime today, you are allowed to just go: “woooaaaahh, get me off this merry go round, I need a break!”

It’s good for us you know. Healthy too and normal.

And besides the guilt, it feels rather bloody brilliant. It’s all about being kinder to ourselves, so I urge you to give it a try, if you need to.

I’m off now to stick that kettle on, but before I go, just keep it in mind.

All that stuff you need to do? I bet you a pair of very fancy shoes, that 99 per cent of it can absolutely wait.

Catch you tomorrow. Now then where is that biscuit tin?


With love,







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