Pout of Approval: Abahna Bath Oil

IF Cleopatra was around today, she wouldn’t be bathing in milk, but in this amazing Abahna bath oil.

Bath oil fit for a goddess…


Fit for a goddess, this product quite frankly has transformed my bathing routine, turning it from something very ordinary into the sublime.

Like most ladies, I love a good soak in the tub and have in the past opted for any kind of bubble bath or bath oil that’s been lying around. But not anymore. After discovering this lovely little beauty secret, quite frankly, cheap bubbles and oils no longer cut the mustard.

The lovely people at Abahna very kindly sent me a bottle of their heavenly-scented Lilac Rose & Geranium bath oil to try and review and whilst admittedly, I did expect it to be a lovely product (you only have to read some of the reviews on their website to know that this brand is ‘the business’) I honestly didn’t expect to fall head over high heels with it, quite so much as I have.

The first thing that strikes you about Abahna products is the incredible packaging. Elegant and pretty, the branding of Abahna products is just a wonder to behold.


This is how it arrived…


And as for the oil? Well,  in 32 years, it’s like nothing else I’ve ever tried. Discovering it has been like finding the holy grail of bath products.

I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with a bump seemingly getting bigger by the minute (I kid you not) so I’ve become quite a fan of bathing recently as the warm water really helps to ease away my pregnancy niggles. At the moment, I’ll quite happily hop into any tub, given half the chance.

Careful not to irritate my pregnancy-stressed skin, I’ve added all kinds of bump-friendly lotions and potions to my bath water over recent months from milk-based powders to moisturising bath foams. And while on the whole they’ve been ok and pleasant enough, it’s fair to say I’ve been pretty unimpressed. Until I discovered Abahana bath oil.

I became a fan of this scented oil the minute I unscrewed the metallic cap and was hit by it’s incredible smell. (Let me tell you ladies, this oil smells good!) However, it’s in the bath where this oil really goes to town.


For the most luxurious bath, just pour and enjoy.


By adding just a couple of drops of oil into running water, your bath water is miraculously transformed into something fit for the gods. Lilac Rose & Geranium is Abahna’s relaxing range and this oil definitely does the trick. I can literally feel my pregnancy aches and pains melt away as I bathe.

Once out of the bath, this oil continues to work wonders. I’ve used it many times now and yet I’m still left amazed after every Abahna bath at how good this product really is. My skin is left super soft and smells amazing.

What’s more, in my house, it’s not just me who’s a fan.  My husband is also hooked on this wonder product (!) and let me tell you, when my handsome but cynical man appreciates one of my beauty products, that’s when I know I’ve found a real winner ;-)

– – – – – – – – 

Thank you Abahna for turning my bathing ritual into something out of this world and making a pregnant woman truly happy!

Till the next time,



For more information on Abahna products or to order online, visit abahna.co.uk

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