I THINK this might actually be the most important post I have ever written.


Because, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to relaxing, feeling better, destressing or creating some downtime for myself, nothing is better than a good ol’ long soak in the tub.


Sure showers are lovely and all that, but baths? Well baths are a little slice of heaven in an ordinary day aren’t they? A special kind of treat.

Personally I cannot get enough of ’em. So much so, I’d say if I have lived before, there’s a very good possibility that I was a Roman.

When Elsie was a wee baby and would cry a lot and refuse to sleep for much of the day, I was often at my wits end, come about tea time. And this is where the humble bath saved me.

Because as soon as the husband came in from work, I would hand him our beautiful cherub and run myself the biggest bath and dive right in.

And after 30 mins or so of relaxing in the tub, magic would happen as I’d go from being fraught and tearful to calm and happy again.

Not so long ago, I read an article which horrified me, stating that baths had ‘gone out of Vogue’ and people had forgotten their restorative powers.

I ask you…can you imagine?!

It sound like utter nonsense to me, but in the interest of keeping the love for the humble bath going, here are my top tips for having the best soak ever.



Simple? You would think so. But if you’re anything like me and at the mercy of an old boiler system which requires you to have the heating on to have hot water, then this is essential, my friends!

There is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a long, leisurely soak in the tub and realising when you dip your eager toe in, that the water is stone cold.

So check first. Hot and steamy is what we’re after.

Relaxing in the bath



Make sure all lovely little people are safely out of the way and cannot get near you! Banish your other half from the bathroom and if necessary, shove a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

Poppy the cat likes to keep me company when I’m in the tub (as you can see!) and I’m happy with that, but you decide if you want company, feline or not! This is your time. So own it.



When it comes to baths, one must never be stingy. So get those taps working hard and fill that tub up, right up, to the very top.

(As far as the water can go without you risking a minor flooding incident.)


Have you found your stage a


Personally I’m not a fan of bubble baths per se, as I’d rather add a sweet smelling, skin softening bath oil to my water. But if bubbles are your poison, add your potion to the water as the taps are running (critical!) and make the magic happen.

Or alternatively, if you’re more my way of thinking, make sure you add a good capful of luxurious bath oil to the water.

My absolute favourites (and I’ve tried many) are Temple Spa’s Drift Away (perfect for when you need to really relax), Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Body Oil (it has the most wonderful smell and leaves you skin super soft) and Abahna Lilac Rose and Geranium Bath Oil (heavenly stuff which I adore.)

Whether it’s bubbles, oil or even flowers (!), just don’t be measly. (And please, please for the bathing gods, stop saving your best stuff for ‘best’ too. Use that good stuff today! Life is too short no?!)



Whilst the tub is filling up, get everything you need so it’s close to hand – from a soft towel to your dressing gown, to your razor to your body scrub (if you’re doing some beauty DIY).

The last thing you want to be doing is clambering out of the bath, cold and wet, to grab something essential.



Light a scented candle or two (Jo Malone offers fabulous ones as do Temple Spa), grab a decent book or play some relaxing music and depending on how bad your day has been, either pour yourself a glass of something alcoholic or make yourself a herbal tea.

I love to read ‘inspirational’ stuff in the bath and either opt for a good glass of wine or a camomile tea, depending what mood I’m in.

Oh and leave that phone alone! (It’ll do you the world of good!)



Once the bath is filled and you have all your essentials nearby and treats to hand, dive on in! And enjoy every. single. second.




Close your eyes, read something or stare at a flickering candle, but whatever you do, try and switch off and relax.

Put all worries and niggling thoughts to the back of your mind and breathe.



Once you’ve relaxed for a bit and are feeling much happier, now is the time to do those beauty jobs (if you’re planning on doing so.)

So shave, scrub, pop on a face mask and do whatever you need to do and then hop out as quick as you can. No one wants to sit in dirty water for long, do they?



Grab that fluffy towel, dry off and then pamper your relaxed bod.

Pop on a luxurious body moisturiser (Duvet from Temple Spa is wonderful as is Sanctuary Spa’s Souffle) or oil, slip into something cosy and wallow in that ‘just got out of the bath’ feeling.

It’s just the best isn’t it?!


What are your favourite bathing tips? Are you a bath addict like yours truly?


With love,





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13 Discussions on
  • There is absolutely nothing better than a hot hot bath – so hot that when you get out you’ve gone that fantastic lobster colour! For me, it’s a lush bubble bar, a glass of wine, and a scented candle and that’s my idea of a great night in right there. It’s amazing how such a small thing can instantly settle your mind and make you feel rebalanced.

    • I’m totally with you there Katy! Absolutely! The Romans knew all about pleasure, so I’m with them, a bath is one of life’s greatest little pleasures. x

  • Nothing beats a bath, I can’t believe anyone can suggest that they’re going out of style. Utter nonsense!
    I have to get in whilst the bath is filling up, I think it’s the sound of the running water, I’ve always done it, so stepping in to an already full bath seems really odd to me.
    I am a huge fan of bath salts bombs (not the lush ones though), anything that turns the water into a milky pool makes me feel very Cleopatra!
    I want a bath now…

  • Seriously, I’m beginning to think you might just be my spirit animal! I mean that in the least stalkery way possible, obvy. I literally had this exact same post planned out!! But you said it all better than I ever could. I agree with EVERYTHING, particularly the not saving your best stuff for best, every bath is best, yes?? Seriously, I loved this post *skips off to bath* xx

  • I LOVE a good bath! We bought our house about five months ago, but before that I was living with my boyfriend in his house and he only had a shower. I don’t have baths every day, instead I opt for a shower and then have a bath maybe once or twice a week, but there were days when we were living in the old, bathless house that I literally could have cried because I wanted a relaxing, de-stressing bath so much and couldn’t have one! x

    • Argh! Jen, I completely understand this. I’m always dreadfully disappointed when I get to a posh hotel and find that my bathroom has no bath for me to wallow in! Glad you’ve got one now! ;-) x

  • Baths are magical for kids and adults alike for sure. They have been my own saving grace as much as they have for the kids. Even this morning on a half term freezing cold day we took a bubble bath with all our tupperwear just for an hour of fun and laughter and the kids loved it and I sipped my hot coffee sat on the top of the toilet cover watching them in glee for a moment of happiness. Great post.

  • I so agree. My perfect evening is a huge hot bath, Fenjal ( good lord, yes, I am so old fashioned, but I adore the smell that permeates the house and how it makes my skin feel ).

    Lights off, extractor fan OFF, candles, an audio book and the most important thing, a chilled glass of dry white or fizz.

    My heaven…..

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