FRIDAY FIVE: Five easy ways to introduce more glamour into your day

five easy ways to inject more glamour

As a busy working mum to a busy, inquisitive toddler, life is full on, often chaotic and very, very messy.

(You should see my house currently – disaster zone springs to mind!)

My life leaves very little room for glamour at the moment, however I cannot live without it, so what’s a girl to do?

The answer my friends is this…you concentrate on the little things and bring glamour into your world as much as you can, at all times. It’s much easier than you might think and I guarantee, if you try it, your live will go from feeling drab to fab, in an instant.

Need some inspiration? Here are five easy ways to introduce more glamour into your daily life. Enjoy!

Find your daily glamour ‘crutch’

Whenever you think of a glamorous person, on most occasions, that person will have a signature thing that makes them stand out in your mind. For eg, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her jewels and her breathtaking eye make up, Katherine Hepburn shunned dresses for tailored trousers and my good friend Pat always wears the most stunning rings.  All truly glamorous people know that a signature look or a signature item is the key to looking and feeling good, always.

Finding your glamour crutch, will not only give your an easy injection of daily pizazz, but you’ll also get to show the world what you’re all about. And are you ready for the best bit? Your daily glamour ‘thang’ will also help to make you totally unforgettable too.

Your crutch may be immaculate painted nails, chandelier earrings or amazing hosiery. Whatever makes you feel wonderful and happier is what it’s all about so use your imagination and go with your gut. It doesn’t matter if it’s not in Vogue, it doesn’t matter if others tell you it’s ridiculous.

In this world there are many people who are content to be part of a herd but few people who are happy to stand away from it and be on their own. So take my advice and when it comes to glamour, don’t be a sheep. Find your thing – whatever that might be – and make it an essential part of your daily existence.


Make your home more glamorous

Make your home as glamorous as possible

Ok, firstly, let me be clear. I’m not talking perfection here or even neatness. As I’ve previously said, my house is an absolute bomb site at the moment, so I totally get that whilst you may dream of having a show home fit for the world’s best design blog, the reality is that you’re lucky just to get the beds made and the pots washed on most days.

So forget perfection, forget unrealistic standards and focus again on the small stuff. What can you do today to make your home a little more fabulous?

Could you print out some lovely family photos from Christmas and get them framed? Could you buy a hat stand for your hallway so that you’re not tripping over everyone’s coats and bags, could you display those beautiful heels (that you’ve never worn) and use them as bookends?

Forget the bigger picture and instead think about what you CAN do to make your home a little more of a glamorous place, fit for your existence.

Think comfort – soft rugs, squidgy cushions and snuggly throws, think love – photos, cherished mementos and priceless art created by your kids and think style – colour, textures and fabulous objects. It’s your home so throw caution to the wind and don’t be afraid of trying something different.

And if all else fails? Just buy plenty of beautiful orchids. Cheap and elegant, they are my favourite flower and look divine in any setting. Plus they last ages too if you look after them.


Use your best stuff

Use your best stuff

I’m always harping on about how life is too short but the fact is, well, it IS! Which is why, in my world, and in my house, there is no ‘best’ stuff. Yep folks, I use my favourite things every day, as and when I chose. Shocking ey?

Don’t get me wrong, years ago I was the type of person who only got the fine china out on special occasions or who only used the most expensive foundation when it was a special day. But one morning I woke up and thought, b******s to this!

So my crystal wine glasses are in the same cupboard as my cheap Ikea ones and get used just as frequently, our expensive set of cutlery (that was a wedding present) is our only set of cutlery and my most expensive perfume is sprayed whenever I feel like a good ol’ spritz.

It may sound extravagant but I assure you, it isn’t and I am not. I just love beautiful things and I’m damned if I’m going to only enjoy them a couple of times a year. I mean come on, it’s just ridiculous!

So dig out that frock that you thing is too posh for work, and wear it! Crack out your champagne glasses for a cheap bottle of prosecco and dance in those designer shoes until the heels wear down. Show your ‘best’ stuff the respect they deserve by enjoying them every day.

Immerse yourself in a little glamour

It’s hard to be glamorous when you don’t feel inspired, which is why my lovelies, you need to feed your soul.

Immersing yourself into a world of fabulousness is incredibly easy. In fact it’s probably the easiest thing in this list to do so there really is no excuse.

Pop online and visit your favourite fashion blog, search on Pinterest for some amazing ideas, listen to classical music, watch a film, read an intelligent magazine (no trash or gossip please) or dig out a beautiful book.

Doing one of these things every day, even for just five minutes is an effective way to switch off from the drudgery of every day life and breathe in some much needed glamour. Just make sure you see it as inspiration and don’t get disillusioned if your life doesn’t quite measure up to that of Olivia Palermo’s.


Tea poured

Go for luxury, whenever you can

Why? Because you deserve it.

I’m not talking about being frivolous or irresponsible. No, no, no. I’m talking about treating yourself to just a little bit of luxury every day. A little bit of realistic luxury.

I’m talking about buying the posh brand of tea because it’s your favourite. I’m talking about pouring the expensive bath oil in your tub just because it makes your skin silky soft, I’m talking about eating an amazing piece of cake instead of going for a less delicious, cheaper one, I’m talking about buying a designer lipstick instead of just dreaming about one!

As women, we are natural givers and carers, often looking after everyone but ourselves. Which is exactly why treating yourself to a little bit of luxury on a daily basis is so important. Not just because it will make you feel great, but because it will remind you of your greatness. And that my lovely friends, is priceless.


What do you think of my daily glamour tips? Have you any tips of your own to share? What’s the most glamorous thing you do each day? As always, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

Have an amazing, glamorous weekend everyone!



*The top pic features my very glamorous friend Christina. Here we are rocking our burlesque glamour makeovers, a few years ago x

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5 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Five easy ways to introduce more glamour into your day”
  • Oh wow and double wow love the photo of two beautiful ladies, your makeup is stunning! Right as usual I have taken on board everything you have wrote, I just don’t know where you get it from you are amazing, I do love what you have wrote about you having a statement piece, but some ladies just daren’t wear this, and daren’t wear that, just in case they get a funny look, but I do try as I love putting scarves round my head like a band, as my hair is thinning now and if they think I look ridiculous then I think well don’t blooming look at me then! I love the idea of using your best things every day wearing your best clothes as I have clothes for working, clothes for shopping in and clothes for going out in the evening, we all do it don’t we girls silly really. The most glamorous thing I do every day is to put my face on there is no way I would go out of the door without my makeup on no way!!! Love your blog Katie Portman and love you! MWAH XXX

  • What a gorgeous post and I totally agree with you. For me I need my red lipstick to feel myself and face the world however sleep deprived or rushed I feel/am! I agree about making your home feel a little bit fabulous too, we love our antiques here and lots of vintage pieces! Adore the picture of you and your friend, beautiful both! xx

  • Fabulous fabulous post, I am right there with you! Our home is a hodge podge of pictures in jewelled or coloured frames, canvas prints, artwork we’ve collected on our travels, a sofa more expensive than our first car (blame baby-brain!), and I love wearing my most gorgeous shoes and dresses to cheer me up! Another brilliant #AllAboutYou link, thanks for joining in! My most glamourous daily habit? jewellery, earrings especially – I can’t not wear them or not wear perfume; whether I’m going out of the house or not. Viva la glamour!

  • Great tips, I definitely need to remember that every day should include some glamour. Way too often I forget that just a little slick of lipstick or lipgloss would go a long way to making me feel more glam. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Oh wow great post, love this. You both look so glamours too. I love my red lipstick it make me feel great on a cold boring day :) going to take on board you tips now …

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