My Maternity Must-Haves Part 2: Well-being

Growing a little person is hard work at times, which is exactly why us mums to be need to take extra special care of ourselves!

To help you do just that, here are my maternity wellbeing must-haves and tips, to help keep you feeling great throughout the nine months. All have been tried, tested and LOVED by me.

So have a well-earned rest, put your feet up, grab a cuppa and read on ;-)…




Because you’re worth it…


  • Pregnancy reflexology – If you can get past having your feet touched by a stranger, you can really benefit from this alternative therapy. I’ve had reflexology a couple of times whilst pregnant and really enjoyed it. It’s more relaxing than you might think but it’s also a very effective way of helping to correct any inbalance in your body. What’s more, if you do go over your due date, it can even be used to ‘get things going’!
  • Pregnancy massage – I’ve enjoyed numerous massages throughout my pregnancy and cannot recommend them highly enough! Not only can they help get rid of neck, shoulder and back niggles, they are also extremely relaxing and soothing, perfect for if you’re feeling a little stressed or worn out.  My favourite pregnancy massage? Easily the ayurvedic pregnancy massage I had in London. Bliss!
Food & Drink
  • Herbal Tea – It’s always important to keep hydrated, but in pregnancy it’s even more critical! Personally I’m not a fan of drinking endless glasses of water (I find it a bit boring!) so to keep up with my daily quota, I indulge in many a brew instead, of the herbal variety! My favourites includes peppermint (great for headaches and heartburn) ginger and lemon (didn’t work for me, but can help ease morning sickness)  and camomile (good for helping you to stay calm when your hormones are raging!)
  • Healthy Food – In the first three months of pregnancy, I was so sick, that I just ate whatever I could keep down which was mainly crackers, dairylea and McDonald’s cheeseburgers! So when the sickness did ease, it was a pleasure to get back to eating normally! Don’t forget to include plenty of fruit and veg, protein and complex carbohydrates in your diet and where possible always try and opt for the healthier option.
  • Little bit of what you fancy! – Don’t however get fanatical about healthy eating. Pregnancy is hard enough without cutting out treats! Nobody – including your growing baby – will begrudge you a piece of delectable cake or a chocolate bar every now and then. Just don’t make the mistake of eating for two! ;-)

Advice & guidance


Pregnancy reading material…


  • You and Your Bump by Emma Cannon – I’ve spoken about my love for Emma Cannon before (she’s a fertility guru!) and this book for mums to be is just a godsend. With specific chapters for each trimester, labour and post-natal care too, this book provides simple and effective tips on how to achieve pregnancy wellbeing. Quite simply I’d have been lost without it.
  • The Baby Diaries: Memories, Milestones & Misadventures by Tess Daley – Generally I’m not a big fan of celebrity books but if you’re looking for a personal insight into pregnancy, birth and beyond, you can’t go wrong with this book. Tess’ honesty and humour is refreshing and she shares many an excellent tip on everything from what to pack in your hospital bag to breastfeeding.
  • Bump love – Help keep those stretchmarks at bay and show your bump some love with an oil, moisturiser or body butter. My personal favourites are the now-legendary Bio-Oil and Little Me Mum To Be Rich Tummy Cream. Whilst I haven’t got away completely scot-free (I’ve got a few tiny stretchmarks on my hips) I definitely think that using an oil or cream every day has helped my bump to stay stretchmark free for which I am eternally grateful! Massage in an oil or cream of your choice every day, morning and night. It may not stop those pesky stretchmarks altogether, but it’s well worth a try and both your bump and baby will appreciate the pampering.
  • Relax in the tub – If you’re feeling tired, emotional or plain ol’ fed up, take a deep breathe and run yourself a bath. Add some luxurious oil (my favourite is the Abahna Bath Oil) or bubble bath into the running water and then get in and relax. Read a book, flick through a magazine or just close your eyes and do nothing. Trust me, you’ll feel much better when you get out.


Indulge in some bathing luxury…


  • Be gentle to your skin – To deal with pregnancy sensitive skin, choose gentler skincare products and try to keep out of the sun! Ranges such as Dr Hauschka, Liz Earle and Angela Langford all offer amazing products made from natural products. If you’re a sun lover, make sure you slap on sunscreen and a hat to avoid pigmentation marks.
  • Whatever you do, do some! – I’m far from being an exercise expert but we all know, that when we get our bodies moving, we feel better for it. So, on those days when you’re feeling pretty good and have the energy, try and do some exercise to get those endorphins flowing. Try pregnancy yoga or pregnancy pilates if you want something gentle or if you prefer, just go out for a walk! Get those limbs going and feel the benefits.
Finally… don’t forget to keep taking your pregnancy vitamin and make sure you do your pelvic floor exercises! ;-)

If you’ve got any tips on how to stay feeling and looking great in pregnancy, please do share below. x


Till the next time,


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