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We’re all going on a summer (kind of) holiday…


WELL folks it’s teaming it down with rain outside and pretty damn cold too but…

I’m not letting that dampen my British spirits because tomorrow, me, the Husband and little Elsie are off on our first family holiday!

We’re off to Cornwall for a week of relaxation, fun and special times! As such, there will be no posts from me for a whole week (I know, how will you cope?!), not even a Friday Five.

I have decided to take a much needed week off to spend some quality time with the most precious people in my life but will be back very soon with more life, style, sass and secrets!

Before I get on with the packing (I can’t believe the amount of stuff we need to take with us now for Elsie!) I want to wish you all a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

We might all have to do a collective prayer or a sundance or something though because the weather forecast does not look kind. Just what is going on with the weather?

Now then…where did I put my cagoule?

Till the next time, live not a little, but a LOT!



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“We’re all going on a summer (kind of) holiday…”
  • Dear Jamie Kate and my little Ray of sunshine Elsie, have a wonderful very first holiday together as a family, I know little Elsie will love her holiday, it is a well earned break for you both so enjoy every precious minute of it. Soak up the nice clean fresh air on the farm it will make you sleep well. Enjoy with lots of fun laughter and sunshine. Take care and don’t forget to phone me when you get there :) XXX

  • News just in!! My friend who lives in Cornwall has just posted on FB that she is lying in her garden, in the SUN, wearing a bikini!

    Fingers crossed that the sun stays there for you, have a lovely time.

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