LIFE: It’s time to be still (for a while)…


I DON’T know about you but I am dreadful when it comes to relaxing. Absolutely shocking in fact.

I used to be pretty good at it a few years ago, but since having Elsie, I’ve become more determined. More ambitious. More go-getting because I want to build an incredible life for my wonderful little family.

All of which is very lovely and correct, I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, the problem is that at the moment, I feel like I am constantly on the go, trying to squeeze a gazillion things into a day but yet failing to achieve very little. I’m worn out. Shattered. Kaput.

Whilst I didn’t expect juggling motherhood with freelancing to be easy, I’ve learnt that it’s darn near impossible at times and I’ve also found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with how much ‘I have to do’ which includes work on our project house, decorating, working, organising Elsie’s christening, housework, keeping this blog up to date etc etc etc.

I could go on but quite frankly I’m too exhausted. My list at the minute seems endless.

Yesterday I had one of those very challenging motherhood days and last night I got very little sleep. So rather unsurprisingly, I got up this morning feeling pretty sorry for myself!

And then I had a thought.

Or perhaps to put it better, a moment of clarity. And it was this. I am my own worst enemy.

You see whilst my list is long, I don’t ‘need’ to do any or all of these things, especially right now, today, in a New York minute. Yes I feel pressured but the only who is putting any pressure on me, is well, erm me! (Feel free to call me stupid here.)

Currently life feels like it’s going into freefall mode a bit, so I’m going to do exactly what I need to do to correct it. I’m going to do nothing.

Or perhaps, more realistically in my case, I’m going to do very little.

I’m going to stop, slow down, smell the coffee, chew the fat and enjoy cuddles with Elsie Porridge without thinking of all the gazillion and one things (I thought of another job) that need doing. It’s time for a little quiet.

It’s time for a bit of peace.

Afterall, nobody likes a sad, worn out gal.

Till we meet again, grab some ‘you time’ and as Arnie says, I’ll be back!



* If you’re feeling the daily grind of life too much, come and join me. Turn your phone off (you will survive) have a day or two away from social media, put the kettle on, have a glass of wine, run a bath or just take a few minutes out to be still and breathe.

In fact, whilst we’re talking about it, let’s try it now. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale….

Feels good doesn’t it?!


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10 Discussions on
“LIFE: It’s time to be still (for a while)…”
  • SO TRUE!
    Our motherhood “to do” lists are gargantuan, and I am terrible at this too; despite have endo and CFS I still find it hard to relax and not make myself do loads!
    Well done girl.
    Chilll xxxx

    • Thanks Jo! It’s wonderful to be busy and hard working but sometimes we can become a bit too frazzled if we’re not careful.

      (Love that word! It perfectly sums up how I’m feeling and looking right now!)

      I’m enjoying chilling out a bit that’s for sure. Hope you manage to squeeze in some you time soon.


  • Totally agree with your post and I’m really at the stage where I don’t know what all my thousands of lists are really for – except me chasing myself and for what purpose? It’s good to want it all but also to be well rested (or as well as a new mum can be rested!). The thought of switching off terrifies me…I don’t want to miss out on anything! In actual fact I miss out on loads and surprise, the world hasn’t stopped turning :) thanks for the inspiration to switch off!

    • Completely agree Marita!

      Often it’s the thought of missing out on something that propels me on with my list! So silly really. The world will still be waiting for us when we return after a rest. :) Hope you’ve managed to switch off a little! x

  • Totally agree, I’m trying to plan our wedding whilst looking after Luca and everything else on top of that. It’s hard to remember to take a break and relax but it’s definitely something we all should do a bit more. Hope you feel better for it? Xx

    • It really is but we MUST try to learn to relax. You included Franki! Wedding planning is stressful enough without having to look after a baby too so make sure you get some you time! And yes thank you, I’m feeling much better for it :) x

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