Trying to remain positive when I feel like s**t

Trying to be positive when I feel like s**t

I WOKE up this morning in a foul mood.

Like a really foul mood. Also, I’m feeling rubbish.

Germs have hit the Portman household which means we’re all under the weather and I have a very grotty, snotty and grumpy toddler on my hands. Oh goodie. So I wasn’t very happy this morning. No sirree.

But then I sat down, drank my morning cup of tea and read this post by my friend Zaz at Mama & More! and then this one by the lovely Honest Mum and I got a big ol’ wake up call. Literally. Or to put it more appropriately, a hard slap round the face.

I even felt a tad bit ashamed of being such a grotbags. (Remember her, 80s kids?!)

And so, I’m doing my best to turn my frown upside down (or trying to at least) and I’m choosing – yes choosing – to focus on the good stuff and ignore the not so good.

Here’s a list for everything that I’m grateful for right now, because there’s nothing like a list of stuff in black and white to make you realise how lucky you are.

And just so you know, I’m going to rattle everything off the top of my head in no particular order. So be prepared, this could be quite a mixture!


Today I’m thankful because:

I’m alive and breathing.

I have food in my belly and clothes on my back.

I have a roof over my head, warmth, running water and electricity.

I live in a lovely house.

I have people who love me.

I have a daughter and I am a mum.

I have a brilliant husband.

I/ this blog has been shortlisted for a blogging award, for the best parenting blog (and I’d LOVE a vote from you please if you’d be so kind)

I had an amazing birthday – like really it was up there with the best!

I get to go on the world’s oldest steam train on Saturday and take Elsie to meet Santa for the first time.

This year has taught me more about myself and others than I could have imagined.

This year has changed me, for the better.

I’m finally beginning to see people for who they really are (good AND bad) and trust my own judgement.

I do a job that I love, that pays well.

I work for myself.

I’ve got wonderful friends.

I’ve got so much to look forward to.

I’ve got wine in the fridge and high heels in my closet.

I’ve got more than enough sparkle to help me sparkle.

I’ve got money in my purse.

I’m sat looking at beautiful flowers – a gift from my sister.

I continue to meet the most  amazing people through this blog.

I get to work for just half the day today and spend the rest with Elsie.

The house is relatively tidy (no mean feat when you’re all ill and life is busy).

This blog continues to bring me all manner of riches, in all different forms.

I am incredibly blessed to have the life I have.

In contrast to much of the world’s population, my worries are absolutely miniscule in comparison to theirs. (And I really should count my lucky stars more.)



Thanks for the reminder Zaz and Vicki! Incredibly, I feel much happier after writing that. Amazing how when we focus our energy and thoughts on good things, life suddenly feels much brighter.

Keep your thoughts positive folks!

With love,



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14 Discussions on
“Trying to remain positive when I feel like s**t”
  • Oh honey thanks for the shout out and you are very, very lucky as indeed we all are. Reading about so many who have so little is humbling and a stark reminder of what truly matters. This year for me has been all about focusing on the important things in life.

    I lost two friends I mourn for every day and their passing has made me realise how fragile and precious life is. I hold my kids tighter, have more fun than ever and I’m much kinder to myself too. I count my blessings every day and just keep trying to be the best person I can be.

    Health and happiness is the be all isn’t it, everything else is a but a bonus. I also don’t take myself too seriously or what I do. Yes, I’m professional but I’m not saving lives out here, just being creative and although I love my career it’s not the world to me. My family is. I revel in writing as a job but my real pleasure is how much joy it brings my kids. I think for all my confidence, others may think it’s my ego I’m feeding when actually I often find this blogging world a bit crazy!

    Anyway, I’ve pledged to really live life to the fullest everyday and to understand some days are tough and it’s OK to feel rubbish, it’s just a feeling as all others and will pass. As Marie Forleo says, it’s just science, these feelings, good and bad so own them (or something like that)! You darling are an inspiration! Mwah x

  • We’re all allowed a day where we feel poo – I’m having one today! My psychologist has encouraged me to think it’s ok to feel whatever I feel, whether that’s happy, sad, or anything in between. Feeling pressure to be happy all the time is unrealistic, though it’s something we all want of course! That said, it’s fab to think of all the things we have in our lives to be thankful for – they’re usually the simplest things – to stop us falling in to a pit of endless despair.

    Have you seen #31daysofmindfulness that I’ve started over on Instagram? It’s a way of recording how you feel every day. No pressure to join in. It’s wonderful you feel better after writing this list – focusing the mind can do wonders. Oh, and I remember Grotbags! Rod Hull and Emu show xxx

  • I had a day like that last week, actually a few days after my mum left for the Czech republic, and suddenly I had no childcare, lots of work, and nobody to help me. Luckily I have you my darling, and the girls. Hope you are better today xxx

  • Oh darling I hope you’re feeling better today? We’ve got major lurgies in my house, kept eldest off school and we’re having a pj day. I know the only way to get through without huge meltdowns is for me to remain cool as a cucumber (very difficult when feeling like sh** as you know)! Thanks for a gorgeous post, I have a feeling I’ll be re-reading it several times throughout the day xxx

  • Aww, we all get a bit Grotbags at times… #80’skid This post puts me in mind of the Paolo Nutini Pencil Full Of Lead, which I used to sing whilst cuddling my then baby… Oh err, if you have no idea how the song goes, look up the lyrics, because I’ve just realised that the title may make me seem a little weird singing it to my bub… but it’s basically a whole load of positives reeled off and ends up each time with ‘and best of all, I got my baby’…

  • Hi, I’ve just found your blog *newbie blogger here*. Love this as it described my day yesterday. Something I also do to get over a lowsy day is play a little joke on myself. I say seriously how much worse can it get. Then suddenly as more things go wrong it adds an amusing light on it and I can start to relax. Abit like watching an old Laurel and Hardy film or Mr Bean. Which for some reason just helps me get through. Great post, thanks for sharing ill be sure to have a good look at your blog.

  • It’s not just the season of goodwill, it seems to be also the season of cough and sneezes (and a few wheezes!)….Hope you feel better soon.

    But on the bright side you have a lot to be thankful for. Wine in the fridge and plenty of sparkle (what more could a girl ask for?).

    Here’s to hoping that next year continues to see you blessed.


  • What a great thing to sit and think about, sometimes in life you do have to just sit back and go “hold on things could be a lot worse!” Popping by from Brilliant Blog Posts

  • Lovely post, it is so easy to feel down in the dumps and have a allow, we’re all allowed to from time to time but it definitely is good to remember the good things and how lucky we are. Snaps is back into happiness again! This post has really lifted my spirits :) xx #brilliantblogposts

  • Fab post, what lovely things you have to be grateful for. I think everyone is allowed to feel rubbish though some days, but the important thing is you remember the positives too. #BrillBlogPosts x

  • I have just written a post about being stuck in a rut. Like you my problems are minimal but its amazing how something so small can weigh so heavy on your shoulders….I am slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully (Just intime for Christmas) I will be a little less Grump!

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