FRIDAY FIVE: Five good reasons you should definitely give freelancing a whirl


THIS morning I realised that I have now been freelancing for four whole years.

Four whole years of blood, sweat and freelancing tears! I can hardly believe it! I jest of course about the tears. In all honesty, it’s been rather incredible.

I have spoken much about my love of freelancing before (see here and here) and today I can’t help but talk about it again, with it being my anniversary an’ all.

Here are five very good reasons why you definitely should give freelancing a go. When you get your first client and realise how much you love working for yourself, feel free to thank me ;-)


It will change your life

Obvious ey? I’ll give you that. But let me tell you, you have no idea how much it will change your life, and I should add, for the better.

Freelancing will change your life in ways you cannot possibly imagine and not just from a work perspective either. It will bring amazing people into your world, it will deliver all kinds of opportunities to your door, it will make anything  (ok, most things) seem possible and it will brighten your entire world. Seriously.


It will change YOU

Freelancing demands boldness, optimism, hard work, a hell of a lot of grit and plenty of determination. It expects much from you and because of this, you can’t help but find yourself delivering.

Working as a freelancer is not for the faint hearted, nor is it easy, but it will strengthen you, force you out of your comfort zone, build your confidence and make you step up to the plate, not just as a worker, but as a human being too.


You can kiss goodbye to routine

If you like consistency and you’re a fan of routine, then well, you might want to give freelancing a miss. But, if like me, you crave change and believe that variety is the spice of life, then you will LOVE it.

Yes, it’s nerve wracking on occasion (when work is slow or only trickling in for example) but it allows you to be creative with your work, take on jobs that are fun or unusual and plan your work around your life.

Ultimately – as you’d expect from the title – it allows you to be ‘free’. And in my mind, you can’t put a price on that.


You get to be in charge

As Julia Roberts’ character said so eloquently in Pretty Woman, “I say who, I say when, I say….who!”

As a freelancer, YOU are the gaffer. The captain of your very own rather lovely ship, which means my friends, that little ol’ YOU is in charge. Of EVERYTHING.

You get to decide how much to charge, how much work you will do, who you will work with, where you work, how you work, what you wear to work, how many hours you work etc etc etc. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Being your own boss is a marvellous thing. Don’t believe me? Try it.


Because it’s brilliant

This in a nutshell is why you should do it. Yes, you can potentially earn a lot more money as a freelancer. Yes, you get to be more creative. Yes, it provides more freedom. Blah,blah, blah.

But really…if you take anything from today’s post, just take this. Freelancing is BRILLIANT.

It is wonderful. It will make you joyous. It will fill up your boots with excitement.

It’s an exhilarating, scary, fulfilling, demanding and sometimes stressful ride but it is a whole lot of fun and makes life (and work) a million times more interesting. Trust me, when I tell you, it is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’ve never regretted it. Nope, not even for a single second.

Convinced yet?! Fantastic! My work is done.


Ok, on a slightly different note, I just wanted to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to the overwhelming response I am (still!) receiving to Wednesday’s post. (Catch it here if you missed it.) I am genuinely touched and moved and can only hope that by pouring out a few words and sharing them with the world, that some women – who are currently in a living hell – may go on to find some peace and happiness in their futures. Thank you all. You’re a wonderful bunch x

Have an incredible weekend everyone!

With love (and pouts)




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26 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Five good reasons you should definitely give freelancing a whirl”
  • Love this post, I’ve been a freelancer for as long as I can remember and it was unnerving at first and not for everyone but so liberating too, I can only be my own boss, its empowering and nothing says that more than blogging for me x

    • It really is empowering isn’t it?! In so many ways. Well done you for being your own boss and for making a living as a professional blogger. Amazing! x

  • Great Friday Five!! And happy freelancing anniversary, you’re such an inspiration and I’ve just read your Wednesday post (I feel like a right dick now going on about stupid shopping) so I can hand on heart say that xxx

  • Yes, yes, yes! I started freelancing on a small scale when Curly Girl was tiny and there’s no way that I would go back to being employed full-time now. If you get to do the thing you love on your own terms and make a living from it (even in a small way) then you are blessed indeed. Happy freelancing anniversary! x

    • You’re so right Michelle. Doing what you love and making some money from it, is a wonderful, beautiful thing! Thank you x

  • Great post, you are so inspiring I used to do freelance consulting, it was tough, longggg hours and a lot of pressure but I loved all the varied work and working at my own pace. Now I’ve taken a few years of whilst I was pregnant and looking after Thomas, I feel a lack of confidence thinking I have little time now and I’ve lost all my contacts! I guess it will take some time to build back up, I just can’t imagine myself doing it now with all the lack of sleep I’m getting lol. You are right though, it’s great xx

    • Ah thank you Susan. It it helps I think most of us have been there, after having a baby. For me, I found it’s taken a good year to get my work load at capacity again so don’t be hard on yourself. Get yourself out there when you’re ready, give your old contacts a polite nudge and get back in the freelance swing. You’ll be fine. x (As for lack of sleep, caffeine and fresh air helps!) x

    • Thank you darling! And yes, that was one of the reasons I went freelance. So I could be there to pick Elsie up for school when she’s older.

  • Inspiring.
    After being made redundant I’ve once again found myself in a dead end job. This post has made me think that maybe freelance maybe for me. Though I’m not really sure what I would do !! Thankyou Kate x

    • Tracey, the world is your oyster! Go for it. I was stuck in a dead end job, many years ago, and it made me thoroughly miserable. I know the regular money is nice and often needed, but the way I looked at jumping ship to go freelance, was …what was the worst that could happen?

      I decided the worst was that I got not work and earned no money. And the solution to that would have been to then have to take any job. It was worth the gamble. Give it a go honestly, you’ll find your niche. (How about styling?! You always look immaculate and elegant!) x

  • Love this post! I’m on mat leave at the mo, and work two days a week. Previously I’ve felt I had the much coveted ‘perfect work/life balance’ but with each day that passes I realise I’m desperate to not go back to my City office… I’ve requested working from home, but if it doesn’t happen i’m seriously considering freelancing… thanks for a motivational kick up the bum :-) #allaboutyou

    • That’s great to hear! Freelancing gives me the best work / life balance that is achievable with a little one and although sometimes the ‘juggle’ is hard, I would and DO recommend it to everyone :-)

      Good luck! x

    • Yey! Brilliant news, so pleased you’re enjoying it. Now always easy but always fabulous I believe. Delighted you enjoyed the post. Thank you x

  • Oh you are such a motivator you! I have been pondering over freelance for ages, yet squirming around, not sure how to market myself and get off the ground with the first couple of confidence-boosting clients! I still am no clearer, but perhaps I may take some baby steps towards it. With the media myth of work life balance not showing up in traditional jobs, freelance may well be the way to go! Thanks for a brilliant post darling, and check out the new All About You badge I’ve made too!! Xxxxx

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