Things I’ve loved this week…

It’s appreciation Sunday! Here’s what I’ve loved this week…

1) My first reflexology treatment – On Monday I did the unthinkable. I let someone touch my feet! Normally this would bring me out in hives (I’ve only ever had one pedicure, for my wedding and that was torture) but yet strangely it didn’t bother me one bit!

The experience was fabulous and provided some much needed pregnancy relaxation. I’ll be writing about it soon for The Modern Girl’s Guide so watch this space. Thank you Bumps Sheffield!

2) Bargain earrings – I’m a huge fan of big earrings. Think Pat Butcher but with a little more finesse! ;-) So when I came across a sale jewellery stand this week, I couldn’t help but have a look. Five minutes later, I was the proud owner of three new pairs of humungous earrings, all for the bargain price of £7. What’s not to love about that?!


My new bobby dazzlers...


3) Being a freelancer – Those who know me as Katie the freelancer will already be aware that I love working for myself. And this week, yet again, I’ve been reminded about the benefits of being self-employed. I’ve managed to juggle looking after a very poorly Husband with housework, freelancing and blogging and it’s only been possible because I work for myself.

4) Page 3 fame – Fear not ladies, this fame had nothing to do with me taking any clothes off, of any sort! :-) It was just a little coverage of my new title as ‘Yorkshire’s most luscious lips’ in the Barnsley Chronicle, my local newspaper and previous employer! (Where my  journalism career began)

5) My new style book – I cannot walk into a book shop and leave without a book. It’s just not possible.

So when browsing for birthday gifts this week, I came across a book that just had to come home with me – The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men. As of yet I’ve only had a browse, but I already know it’s going to be a stylish delight.


I love style books and this one is a belter :-)


6) My FREE moisturiser – This week I picked up Marie Claire magazine which came with a brilliant freebie – Neal Yard’s Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturise. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and have already fallen in love with the way it leaves my sensitive skin, smooth and silky soft. Result!

7) Sunny Sunday! – Today really does feel like Spring has sprung! The sunshine and warm weather always makes me feel happier and more relaxed, so this morning I got out of bed early and went for a long, leisurely walk. Let’s hope there’s more of these beautiful Spring days to come.

8) International Women’s Day – Thursday was all about the celebration of women and a powerful reminder that there is still much work to be done, in regards to gaining equality for ALL women. Nearly every woman I know took part in one way or another on the day so just imagine how much more we could achieve if we celebrated our womanhood every day!

9) Giraffe’s Miso-Lime Salmon – Yesterday I caught up with a lovely friend of mine at the Giraffe restaurant in Meadowhall. A short while ago I was lucky enough to review the restaurant and so yesterday I decided to return and opted for my review partner’s recommended dish, the delicious Miso-Lime Salmon which was lip-smackingly good. Give it a try!

10) My bump! – Over the last few weeks my bump really seems to have grown and is now fully out there, loud and proud! Although it occasionally makes me a feel a little vulnerable, I’m really starting to enjoy my new shape and the well-meaning attention that the bump is beginning to bring. All of a sudden strangers seem much friendlier ;-)

What have you loved this week?

Till the next time,



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