A review: Giraffe Restaurant

Here’s a foodie review I wrote recently for the popular e-zine – The Modern Girl’s Guide ( also featured in Bethanie Lunn’s Meadowhall Style Weekly)

Fame in Meadowhall’s style weekly!


NAMING a restaurant after an animal is pretty unusual, but then the new Giraffe restaurant at Meadowhall certainly isn’t one that follows the norm!

Situated upstairs in the recently transformed Oasis Dining Quarter, on arrival the restaurant impresses with it’s polished, contemporary appearance, open space and relaxed vibe. Arriving with fellow fabulette Nicky, we were warmly greeted by our host Matt and ushered to a comfortable and private seating booth, that had plenty of room for us to stash our handbags not to mention our shopping purchases!

Every Giraffe restaurant has a slightly different menu and the choice of dishes was impressive, a mouthwatering concoction of dishes from across the globe. When lunching with a fellow Modern Girl, cocktails are a must and as a mum-to-be I was delighted to see non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu and chose the refreshing Elderflower Collins.

Enjoying a tipple (non-alcoholic) with fellow ‘Fabulette’ Nicky

To start, Nicky and I shared the Nachos Nirvana “Like The Old Days” with an added herby chicken topping and soon agreed that the nachos were the best we had ever tried! Tasty indeed!

Following that came my 35 Day Aged Grilled Sirloin Steak with Sweet Potato Fries, a dish that certainly didn’t disappoint. The steak was tender and delicious and the sweet potato fries are a must try!  A creamy amaretti topped Tosca Capp coffee then finished off our lunch perfectly.

As a keen foodie, I loved my first Giraffe experience as it offers excellent food at decent prices. My advice? Take a walk on the ‘wild side’ and let this stylish eatery impress you, you won’t regret it!

Katie x


For more info or to book a table:

Call: 01142 870 233 or visit: www.giraffe.net

Giraffe can be found at:  65 The Oasis, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, S9 1EP


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