ADMITTEDLY it doesn’t really feel like summer in the UK at the moment.

Typical huh?

But like most of us I love the sunshine and warm weather. And I also love, love, love dressing for summer. (When it’s not for our bonkers UK weather that is.)

Recently I spent a glorious week in Kefalonia with my family where we all did very little but relax, swim in the sea, take a dip in the pool and feast on some delicious Greek dishes.

Total heaven.

Dressing for summer is the best (in my humble opinion), so here are a few of my favourite holiday looks – complete with bump! – with some style tips thrown in.

Floral blue dress


A summer holiday is the perfect time to try something different – a new trend, unusual shape or bold colour that you would never usually wear.

I don’t really wear many maxi dresses – as I generally prefer showing off my legs! – but this blue floral seventies inspired frock really caught my eye and so I braved it and gave it a go.

It did feel a little strange wearing it at first, I felt very covered up (if that makes sense!) but I adore the cape design on the shoulders and it made me feel feminine and pretty which is no mean feat when you’re feeling as sick as a dog from pregnancy!

Interestingly, even though it isn’t my usual style, it also received many a compliment too which just goes to show, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

(Especially when you’re away from home.)


Summer style red


It’s true I’m getting on a bit now (!) but I honestly cannot think of anything worse, then sweating it out in steaming hot temperatures in some bodycon number or restrictive frock.

Summer screams for a more relaxed, effortless and bohemian kind of dressing, so think comfort and opt for clothes that will skim rather than cling to your curves.

Personally I’m a big dress lover so my entire holiday wardrobe, besides bikinis, was entirely made up of dresses!

This soft flowing frock that I purchased especially for my holiday felt wonderful against my hot skin and growing bump and was an absolute steal too!


Summer style sequins


Or if they aren’t your thang, then opt for some other kind of shine or embellishment.

Summer and it’s beautiful light and pink skies calls for some razzle dazzle (any excuse ey?) so embrace it. I took two of my favourite embellished dresses with me for our Kefalonian nights, both of which I’ve had for donkeys years.

This one, a white sequinned French Connection number that I never tire of wearing, was super comfy to wear and flattered my slightly tanned skin.


Summer style accessories



Every outfit needs something to help make it stand out from the crowd and accessories are your best friend when it comes to this.

So don’t leave them at home! Pack your jewels, chuck a few bags into your suitcase and whilst you’re at it throw in a belt or too. Or even¬†better treat yourself to some local fashion goodies.

With me this year, accessory wise, I took five pairs of my favourite earrings, three necklaces, a couple bracelets, four bags (3 of them clutch bags) and a skinny belt to add shape to my pregnancy figure.

I loved wearing this statement necklace.


Blue dress Elsie


I know, I know…I can’t quite believe I’m saying this either, but if you’re on a family holiday in the sunshine the last thing you really want to be doing is tottering around in discomfort.

Plus, as much as I adore heels, they take up a lot of room in the suitcase too.

I did take this pair of heels with me (I just can’t help it!) but to my surprise, I didn’t wear them once. They were left languishing in my suitcase whilst my two pairs of trusty sandals got a heavy workout.

Just one word though – don’t spend too much on holiday sandals, I completely trashed a French Connection pair by getting them wet in the sea and had to leave them in the bin when we returned. So think cheap and cheerful and save your cash.

Ditch the heels when you can and let your inner boho chick shine.

Summer style…doesn’t it feel gooooood?!




Disclaimer – The blue dress was kindly sent to me as a gift.


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