STYLE: Quotes to dress by…


I love fashion and all manner of pretty things.

However when it comes to looking good, I’m much more interested in personal style than dressing ‘on trend’ or ‘to be in Vogue.’

When you know your style, you also know who you are. You project an image that says I’m happy with myself. You’re also less self conscious, much more assured and a damn sight more confident too.

Here are some of my favourite style quotes. Words that I try to dress – and live – by.

(If you’re struggling with your own personal style or in a bit of a tizz over what to wear lately, you may also want to check out these brilliant tips too for some inspiration.)






Till the next time, always set yourself apart from others and don’t blend in with the trends!






P.S All quotes have been taken from Pinterest. Just click on the image to go to the pin!


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