OK, I wasn’t really searching for pots of gold, however in this multicoloured little number I kinda feel that I should have been!

My rainbow ‘dress’ isn’t a dress either. Nope. It’s actually a maxi skirt that I bought last year in Primark for a ridiculous £5 in the sale. It was a complete gamble if I’m honest.

Why? Well one, I’m not that keen on maxi skirts. Two, they only had it in a size 8 (I’m a size 10) so didn’t know if it would fit and three, well, it’s probably one of the most daring items I own.

I mean come on, you can’t really miss me in this can you?


bench.jpgdress close up.jpg.jpgflowers.jpgdress spread.pngsmell the hydrangeas.jpg


Anyway, never one to resist a fashion bargain, I brought it home. I’ve popped it on a couple of times and experimented with it but as a maxi skirt, I just didn’t like how it looked on. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t feel like me. You know that feeling right?

But yet I still loved it and ever the romantic, I held on to it, thinking one day, I’ll give it an outing.

And what do you know. Roll on a few months and on a scorching hot summer’s day last week, when I pulled open my wardrobe doors, I swear, it whispered to me, “try me!” And so I did but this time I had a little style epiphany.

I popped it on, wiggled it up and realised, that while it may not have been designed this way, on me, this lovely skirt actually looks better as a dress. What can I say, I’m a fashion rebel.

To cinch in my waist and give the ‘dress’ some shape I added a belt that was kindly given to me by my Mother In Law, a pair of silver earrings from my mammoth collection and a bracelet that I’m rather fond of which features my birthstone Topaz.

As I was working from home all day, tackling a mountain of freelancing work, I went shoeless so no heels this time.  I did however add some shades (Primarni again!), because goodness me, it was a scorcher!


20140717_151614.jpgback 2.jpgsky.jpgHello sunshine.jpg


Anyhow, I’m still not quite sure if this ‘dress’ is me, but I did really enjoy wearing it. It’s fun, it definitely suited the weather and it sure as hell, brightened up my day.

Plus if a technicolour item is good enough for a man called Joseph, well then it’s good enough for me. Just don’t expect me to be singing in it anytime soon ;-)


What do you think? Would you wear rainbow stripes? Do you have a bold item in your wardrobe that you love but aren’t sure how to wear?

Have a fantastic week folks!

With love (and pouts)





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