SASS: How to discover your unique style

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TO have ultimate sass and be at your very best, you need to OWN your style.

Your clothes and appearance should always speak positive volumes about who you are, demonstrating your personality, confidence, flair and self respect.

But what do you do when you don’t know what your style is? When you’re stuck in a clothing rut? When you’ve lost confidence after putting on weight or having a baby? When your wardrobe no longer suits your life?

Well my friends, you re-discover it. You breathe, think, experiment and start over.

To get you started, here are some top tips on discovering your personal style from the very talented Emma Attack, The Style Advisor.

Emma not only offers some brilliant pearls of wisdom (I particularly love ‘What’s YOUR thing?’ and ‘Don’t be ruled by sizes’) but has also very kindly offered a lucky Pouting In Heels reader the opportunity to win a two hour personal shopping experience, so that one of you can benefit from Emma’s wisdom first hand!

Many thanks Emma! And over to you…x


How To Find Your ‘Sassy’ Style

Hi, I’m Emma, The Style Advisor. I like to think I have ‘sassy style’ – one that makes me feel confident and look vibrant. Here’s my tips on how you too, can find yours.

  • What styles of clothes do you feel confident in? Have a good think and don’t be led by trends. Remember the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent “Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal.”
  • Embrace your shape, and don’t get hung up on the body shapes you read about in magazines. Every woman is individual so think about what parts of your body you are happy to emphasise, and those parts you prefer to disguise. Make your clothing work for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new styles and shapes as you might be pleasantly surprised. Be brave and next time you are out shopping, take into the changing room some items you would never normally choose. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like them, but you could also find a whole new style that works for you!
  • Consider if your wardrobe has a prominent ‘base’ colour i.e. what colour are your fail safe pieces – black, brown, navy, green? Then inject some vibrant colours, that work with them. The location of colour on the body affects how it makes you look so wear colour on the parts you want to draw attention to.
  • What’s YOUR thing? It could be accessories, scarves, coloured shoes or patterned tights. Once you find your ‘thing’, use it as a simple way to update an outfit. This is a great way to incorporate trends into your wardrobe without spending lots of money.
  • Don’t be ruled by sizes, and instead go for the size which makes you look your best! This may mean in some stores you have to go up a size and in others down a size.  Sizes and fits do vary from store to store, and amongst styles. So take control and don’t let the sizes control you!
  • Are there certain celebrity styles you just love? Don’t just look at current celebrities for inspiration, look at the Hollywood greats too like Marilyn, Elizabeth, Audrey.
  • Finally, always remember the right clothes can make you look and feel fantastic!

To be in with a chance of winning a free two hour personal shopping experience with Emma, either in Leeds or at Meadowhall, Sheffield simply do the following:

Give Pouting In Heels a like on Facebook (if you haven’t already) and then leave a comment below telling us why you need Emma’s help. A winner will then be chosen by Emma. The competition closes on 15 July. Good luck! x

Till the next time, never, ever be afraid of being you.






Emma offers a range of style services including personal shopping experiences and wardrobe consolidation.  To find out more visit, or connect with Emma on Facebook or Twitter.

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4 Discussions on
“SASS: How to discover your unique style”
  • Ooh what a fab competition. I hate shopping for clothes as I find it so stressful so would love to have someone helping me along the way, especially after having Luca as I’ve completely changed body wise so feel a little lost sometimes. Fingers crossed! Although if I win you’d better not get me hooked on shopping Emma, my bank wouldn’t like it! :) xx

  • Great style tips! I would love to win the competition, like Franki I’ve recently had a baby, and I feel like I’ve no time for shopping so always end up in the same boring stuff and styles I’ve worn for years. Need to some help to get my style back! xx

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