Pouting in: Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

To be clear, I’m not pouting in it really… but, this month you can catch me and my beautiful little lady in the December issue of Pregnancy & Birth magazine.

In it I share Elsie’s birth story and talk about my experience of going over my due date.

There are a couple of reasons why I decided to talk about something so personal.

  • Firstly, I thought it would be a lovely way to document Elsie’s arrival into the world so when she’s older she can read all about it. Whilst I will never forget what was the most amazing experience of my life, some of the finer details of my labour and Elsie’s birth have already become a little hazy so it was a great opportunity to rejig my memory and get them down in print.
  • Being a writer/ blogger is all all about sharing parts of your life with others and talking from personal experience. As a journalist I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many people throughout my career and writing up their stories to share with others. Therefore it’s only fair and right that I’m also prepared to do the same myself at times, like in this instance.
  • Finally, the feature Elsie and I are part of – ‘Our babies were worth the wait’ –  is about what it’s like to go over your due date when you’re expecting, how that feels and ways in which you can get labour going.  As a first time Mum, I often found pregnancy to be an overwhelming experience but hearing or reading about other people’s experiences definitely helped to put my mind at ease a little. Hopefully by sharing my experience, I can help one new expectant Mum to feel the same.

Many thanks to the team at Pregnancy & Birth Magazine for providing me with the opportunity to share my experience with others.

What do you think? As an Mum to be or Mum, do you find it helpful to hear from others?

Till we meet again,



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“Pouting in: Pregnancy & Birth Magazine”

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