Busta our new addition 2

IF you’re expecting baby news, you’re going to be disappointed.

But if you love animals, then you’re in a for a winner today folks! ;-) Ladies and gents, may I introduce you to the new member of our little family, Busta the dog.

A 13 week golden cockapoo whom arrived in our lives this weekend and has already turned them upside down!

Busta (we named him after Elsie’s favourite line in the film ‘Home’ – “busta lime”) has only been with us a few days, so as you can imagine, daily life is taking a little adjusting to!

Busta our new addition

Bringing a puppy home, even one that is a little older than normal, is almost like bringing a newborn baby home in some respects. You need to go out and buy a huge amount of stuff, they need constant attention and lots of time and love.

And of course they need toilet training, sleep training etc too.

So life has become a whirlwind! I’m so busy at the moment settling Busta in currently, that I’ve hardly had two minutes to myself to do anything.

So far, on day 3, we’ve had lots of little ‘accidents’ (thankfully we have wooden floors but our rugs and soft furnishings have been removed!), our shoes are his favourite objects to find and chew when we’re not looking (if he goes near my posh ones he’s in BIG trouble) and our cat Poppy is scared stiff (but should come round eventually!).

However, life in our household has never been as much fun!

Elsie laughs and giggles all day long when she’s with him and I’m loving spending time with him, teaching him ‘commands’ and taking him for walks.

Welcome to our new addition

In the time I’ve been writing this, he’s currently had a piddle by the back door, fetched his ball so I can throw it across the kitchen and sat at my side for some fuss.

He’s daft as a brush but already, just a couple of days in, I cannot imagine life without him.

We love him heaps, already. And I for one, am totally smitten.


With love,





Psst! – And if you have any advice on how to stop him barking too much or ‘nipping’, I’d love to hear it! 


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