LIFE: Amazing advice (in tweets) from incredible women

life lessons in tweets

SO today’s post is completely different than what it was originally going to be.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, because last night I hopped onto Twitter before bedtime and found myself favouriting tweet after tweet from the Stylist Magazine team from their Life Lessons event held last night. Seriously, it got kinda ridiculous with the amount of favouriting I was doing!

And then I thought, dammmm, this advice is SO good, it would be rude of me not to share it. And so here I am, writing a new post and shelving the one I’d already written, for another time.

Here, in tweets, are some incredible pearls of wisdom from amazing women – Arianna Huff, Francesca Martinez and Laura Bates. Most of the tweets come from the Stylist Magazine team but I’ve also uncovered a few gems from other tweeters.

Some of them are so powerful and a few have really made me consider how I’m living my life and working currently, so prepared to be inspired.

These are my favourites, the ones that resonated with me, but if you want to view them all, just head on over to Twitter and search with the hashtag #stylistlifelessons. Enjoy!



  • “Tune into your own capacities and always make time for sleep” – Francesca Martinez
  • Francesca Martinez: “you don’t have anything without your health. Look after yourself first and learn how to say no”
  • “How YOU see yourself – not anyone else – is the thing that defines you.” – Francesca Martinez
  • “We need to do a digital detox every once in a while. It helps to do away with our worries”
  • “The idea that we always have to be tired to be successful is wrong. We need new role models.”
  • “The secret to confidence and happiness does not lie in external factors. It lies in accepting who you are”


  • ‘Because trying and failing seems so scary we hold ourselves back from trying at all’ Laura Bates


  • Comparison can be poisonous. Look at others (people or companies) in a collaborative way, learn & improve from them 



And my favourite. The one that touched a huge nerve with me (and links in to what I was talking about on Friday)…


I don’t know about you but after reading these tweets, I sure as hell wish I’d been there! Which one ‘spoke to you’?!


Have a wonderful Wednesday folks!

With love (and pouts)






P.S You can find me on Twitter here (my personal account) and here (Pouting In Heels account to keep you up to date with all my posts)! x


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3 Discussions on
“LIFE: Amazing advice (in tweets) from incredible women”
  • Very inspiring words. It’s amazing what an impact some words can have on us. When I find a quote that resonates with me, I save it to my pinterest board and then go back to it whenever I need some inspiration.

  • I was nodding along to all them! YES! Particularly love this one

    Because trying and failing seems so scary we hold ourselves back from trying at all’ Laura Bates #stylistlifelessons

    Loved reading this #allaboutyou x

  • I know exactly what you mean about going “favourite” mad! I often do, especially with words that inspire me. Lately I’ve been feeling like everything is on fast forward and I need to assess how efficient I’m being rather than how fast I’m running all the time. Definitely some lessons to be learnt here, great #AllAboutYou post x

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