PoutingFINAL 49

PoutingFINAL 49

THIS morning I read a piece by one of my favourite bloggers James Altucher.

I‘ve mentioned many a time how much I love this guy’s work but seriously if you haven’t checked out his phenomenal blog yet (and subscribed) then please do because it is BRILLIANT. And life changing. (And I do not say that lightly.)

Anyway. I was reading this particular piece when I came across this line, which really struck me in my tracks.

“Treat everyone as if it’s their last day alive and they don’t know it.”

Good isn’t it?

So good in fact that I’m sat here thinking about how my day got off to a horrid start and feeling pretty ashamed that this morning, the way I treated my loved ones was anything but this. Anything but loving. Anything but kind.

Kindness. So needed. So important. But sometimes SO bloody hard to put into action.

I know some incredible people who just ooze kindness from their every pore. I also know others who well, don’t even seem to try.

And it got me thinking, where on earth do I fit in this? Which category would I pop myself in? Which category would others put me in?

I like to think I’m a kind person. But am I? Like really?! (You don’t need to answer this.)

Or am I just kind when it suits me? On a good day? When I’m feeling like me and the universe are in good flow?

It’s easy to show kindness and make a little effort when you’re feeling happy and on top of the world. When you feel like life is treating you well, it’s natural to want to treat others well too.

But to do it when you’re feeling under the weather, are having one of ‘those days’ or are in pain? Well it kinda goes out of the window then, doesn’t it?

But what if you meet someone today and it IS their last day on this planet? What if the words that you speak today ARE the last ones someone will hear?

And what if you’re not kind at all but selfish, miserable and angry. What if the words you say aren’t loving and complimentary but harsh, unfair or offensive?

What then?

I thought that as soon as I read that line and it’s haunted me for the past hour.

Because we get things wrong. Because we take people for granted.

Because we all think our loved ones will be here forever. Because we all allow life to get on top of us.

Because we are all too busy, too tired, too stressed to even be kind to ourselves sometimes, let alone anyone else.

At the moment I feel like life has become too fast, like I’m struggling to keep up with the race.  And as a result there have been a few days of late when I’ve felt rubbish. Rubbish and grumpy and overwhelmed.

So guess what? Yep, my kindness levels are low. And my patience is almost nil.

This isn’t me. Nor is it how I want to be. Thank goodness, I’ve had a reminder.

So today – thanks to super James – I am going to damn well choose kindness. And firstly, for myself.

Yep, today I’m going to treat and talk to myself as if it’s MY last day on earth (I really hope it’s not) and show myself a little more love.

Because I need it. Because it starts with ourselves. Because if there’s nothing ‘in the pot’ I have nothing to give.

And then?

Well then I’m going to try and spread a little bit of kindness around.

I’m going to call my husband and apologise for snapping at him this morning because I was in so much pain with my back and tell him that I love him.

I’m going to pick Elsie up from my Mum’s and greet her with a big smile and a huge cuddle.

I’m going to smile at passing strangers I meet on the street (even if they think I’m bonkers) and tonight I’m going to share my blogging knowledge with a room full of creative people and do it as kindly as I can.

Because we all need kindness. Because we all deserve to be treated as if it’s our last day on earth (just in case it is).

And because kindness is a funny thing, in that it spreads!

Here’s hoping that kindness – in whatever shape or form – also finds you today. And that if it does, you’ll do your best to pass a little of it on to other people too and work some wonders.


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