My back pain is becoming a real pain in the neck


I’M grumpy, snappy and incredibly irritable at the moment.

So you have my apologies. As does everyone in fact who has to ‘put up’ with me at the minute, because to be quite frank, I’m just not myself right now.

All thanks to my beautiful back which just does not want to play ball at the moment or do anything in fact. It’s not very happy you see.

Not happy at all currently, which means it hurts to sit, stand or lie down. Thank goodness for Nurofen and hot baths ey?

My back ‘predicament’ all began a few years ago when I was about three months pregnant with Elsie. I sat up in bed one morning, sneezed and that was that.

Whatever went wrong then, went wrong with a passion, leaving me unable to move for about four days or even get myself to the toilet. Yes folks, it was pretty grim.

Back then it took about six weeks before I could hobble around and get back to some kind of normality.

And although it was probably one of the most awful times of my life (having bad pregnancy sickness and severe back pain was absolutely no fun as you can imagine) as with everything, some good came from it, mainly in the shape of this blog being born.

Pouting In Heels was definitely the silver lining.

Since then it’s never been quite right. An odd twinge here, an odd twinge there. A little irritating but manageable.

But then….You know what’s coming right?

Yep then, about five weeks ago, I picked up Elsie to plonk her in her car seat and bam. My back got angry. Again.

Thankfully, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was years ago. I can get about for starters which I regard as an absolute blessing.

But at the moment, it hurts, a lot, most if not all of the time.

And I am sick of it.

It’s not often I let things get the better of me. I’m pretty resilient and generally a positive, ‘bounce back’ (pardon the pun) kind of gal, but yesterday was a struggle.

Yesterday I felt low, miserable and incredibly sorry for myself.

Back pain (or indeed any kind of pain) is seemingly no good for personal morale and it got me thinking about people who have to live with it every day. People who have to live in agony or fight serious health issues, day in, day out.

How do they do this?!

To make things absolutely clear, I am well aware that I am very blessed and that this is hopefully just a lasting irritating bout of back trouble.

And I know that there are many people who have it a million times worse than me and let me tell you, those people -who struggle every day, who have to live with pain on a daily basis- those people are my heroes right now.

Because being in pain changes you. It affects your mood, your self esteem, your independence and your ‘get go’. And fighting it, remaining positive and trying to solve it, takes an enormous amount of determination and dedication.

That is a lesson I am currently learning. A challenge I’m trying to live up to.

It’s hard to be positive, warm and friendly when you could scream with the pain or when you can’t sleep well because it keeps you awake.

And it’s much easier to slide into a pit of despair and self pity. But that of course, achieves nothing.

It’s a funny ol’ thing good health. When we have it we never appreciate it. Perhaps don’t even think about it. Yet when we’re struggling with pain or some illness, all we can think about and all we want, is to be well and ‘normal’ again.

Right now for example, just being able to pick Elsie up and give her a huge cuddle would make me feel ecstatic.

That day will come, I’m damned sure of that, but meanwhile I’m doing my best to remain positive, continuing with physio and keeping my fingers crossed that this back pain saga is just an unpleasant health blip.

I’m continuing to count my blessings  (because I still have so many) and I’m hopeful that this back pain will disappear as soon as possible.

Because between you and I, it really is fast becoming a right ol’ royal pain in the neck.



With love,






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22 Discussions on
“My back pain is becoming a real pain in the neck”
  • I feel your pain sista. I’ve had back pain on and off for years. And when it hits, you can’t but help but feel low. And yes, others have it worse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel crappy too. Hope you feel better soon! Xx

    • Ah thank you. Back pain is the pits isn’t it? So annoying too. Here’s hoping it sorts itself out quickly x

  • Oh hun, I’m so sorry reading this, I remember you mentioning your back when we met last month but I thought it had gotten better.

    I totally relate to this as my Mum had back then leg problems after her fall and fracture and it is so tough. I had SPD in pregnancy towards the end and remember the all-round pain, and how hard going it was physically and mentally. We all suffered for the whole of January with ill health here too, I had a 4 week water infection which led to all kinds of problems incl palpitations (not nice) and the kids and I played tag on a whole host of viruses, it really knocked us all for six and we’re only now just better. I wrote a post on Sick of the Winter Bugs and was startled by how many related to it. Sometimes it’s good to blog about the tough times too. You are so strong and always so positive but this is not fun. Sending you lots of love and healing vibes hun, hope the physio helps and perhaps the dr can give you stronger meds xx

    • Thank you darling. I’ll be ok, it’s just one of those awful things, a horrid health blip. I just felt like I had to write about and share it. So often in blogging we only share the positive stuff (which is great) but there’s definitely occasions when spilling your guts out and being totally honest works, for yourself and others.

      So sorry to hear that YOU have been suffering with endless bouts of bugs! I had no idea. Fingers crossed you’ve now had your lot for the year! Onwards and upwards ey? Much love xxx

  • I feel your pain. I had an accident several years ago and my back has never been the same since. I went through some of the lowest points of my life after it happened. It’s what made me realise that hubby was ‘the one’.
    My back is gradually getting better and I’m sure yours will too. In the meantime, enjoy getting all the help you can :-)

    • Thank you Sam. I’m sure it will, in fact I’m determined it will. I’ve got too much to do with my life, can’t have a pesky back causing too much chaos! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. X

  • Thank you for this post. People don’t appreciate how amazing it is to have a good health and don’t understand the ones that don’t. Two years ago I started suffering from rare invisible condition called TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome), which is a form of RSI and includes lots of chronic pain. On the nbeginning it was so intensive that I wasn’t able to hold an empty cup or even take a shower without help. I couldn’t wor, at that time I couldn’t also site or lie down, as I had two other conditions. I can honestly say it is the worst thing not to be in control of your own body. It is even worse when it affects your independence and it did in my case. I left my job since and it took over a year for me to be able to start working just few hours a day. It will take who knows how much longer to get even better, as no one knows how to fix this problem. I now have my own business, trying the best I can with the strength I have and started a blog while ago. So thank you again for speaking up about how difficult it is to live with pain every day, as not a lot of people do (my boss stopped talking to me for four months and didn’t care for the last months of my employment).

    I hope your pain goes away and if it’s the nerve type, then make sure you give yourself breaks, not only from physical activity, but also mentally. Lots of pain has its origins in blocked energy and emotions (however weird it sounds, so if you have been pushing something aaway subconsciously and consciously tried to explain it, it may be making the pain worse. Try meditation, even if just for ten minutes and most importantly take a good care of yoyourself, every day.

    Warm regards

    • Thank you so much for your incredible comment and for your tips. I will definitely take them onboard.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, my heart really goes out to you. Congratulations on your business and blog. Doing both of these things are not easy, but adding daily pain into the mix, means I pretty much think you are super woman :)

      Thank you for your kind words about the post too. I was worried that people would take the piece as a big ol’ whinge (which it partly is!) but I really wanted to get across how taxing it is mentally and emotionally when you are physically hurting.

      Sadly people don’t realise how awful living with pain is and I guess how can they, unless it happens to them, but certainly a little more understanding and kindness wouldn’t go amiss. So pleased to hear that things have got better for you. Stay positive (wherever possible). You’re doing brilliantly x

  • I’m so sorry to hear this, I had a problems with my back when pregnant (and breastfeeding afterwards because of the hormones and stuff!) and remember how draining it was. Hope it gets sorted quickly, do you have physio for it? I found the exercises were pretty good even if it was a pain doing them.

    Feel better soon, I’m so grumpy when in pain or tired so know what you mean.

    • Thanks Sarah, it’s awful isn’t it? Very wearing after a bit. Yes i’m having physio and doing the exercises too which definitely help a little. I guess it’s just not a quick process, healing a poorly back :( x

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