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I’M GOING through one of those fabulous phases in life at the moment.

You know, the ones when life seems to be a little more exciting and jam packed than usual.

So here’s a quick sneak peek of what I’ve been up to recently…


New additions to the family

Ok, let’s start with the most exciting news first! We have two new additions to the family and nope I’m not talking babies but guinea pigs, who are really, really cute.

pigs eating

Folks, let me introduce you to Elsa and Anna. (They’re ‘sisters’ you see).

Elsie has been asking for a pet for ages, and so, with advice from the good people on Twitter, we opted for two guinea pigs for her, as a bit of an early birthday present. (Bought with some birthday money from very kind relatives).

We’ve had them a couple of weeks now and bar a few escapee incidents (I think Anna might just be the death of me! *winks*) they’ve settled in really nicely and are making one little girl incredibly happy indeed.

Elsie feeding pigs

They eat loads of lettuce, love a good dandelion leaf and are just about getting used to us now I think. They also make the sweetest squeaks you’ve ever heard.


Catching up with friends

One thing I’ve noticed the older I get, is that it’s often really hard to find time to see your mates!

You know what it’s like, we’re all so busy with work, partners, kids, that it’s not easy to find time in the diary to catch up and have a good ol’ natter.

But nattering I’ve been busy doing lately! Yes! And not just to myself ;-)

First of all, I caught up with two of my nearest and dearest pals – Laura and Sam – when I hosted a Temple Spa class with my friend and Temple Spa lifestyle consultant Helen a few weeks ago.

Temple Spa partyfacial spa class

We chatted, we drank lots of prosecco and got to grips with some of the loveliest skincare products I’ve tried in a very long time.

(Here I am sans make up, brace yourselves! ;-) …)

Facial spa party

If you fancy organising a bit of shindig with some of your mates and indulging in a little pampering for an hour or two, I can well recommend throwing a Temple Spa class.

The products are very good indeed and I’m currently obsessed with ‘In The Beginning’ – a gentle but effective cleansing balm and ‘Windows Of The Soul’ – a super eye cream.

Then… last week, I toddled on down to London to meet one of my best blogging buddies, the gorgeous Hannah from Mums’ Days.

We went to hear my favourite blogger in the world, James Altucher, talk at a special event in London which was both inspiring and a little bonkers.

Here’s the obligatory selfie…


As always, we had a super duper time, chatted about all things blogging and bounced ideas around, until we were exhausted. She’s one of the good guys is the lovely Hannah so it’s always a pleasure.

(And don’t tell her, but I’m missing her already.)



Elsie birthday

Yesterday was Elsie’s third birthday so we’ve spent the entire weekend celebrating in style, with a whopping three days of activities. And I think it’s safe to say we’re all a bit birthday’d out right now.

In fact, make that plain exhausted! (Who knew kid’s birthdays could be so tiring!)

I’ll be covering the best bits in a separate post later this week, but it’s been a wonderful, emotional and fun couple of days.


The future

And finally, one of the best bits about working for myself, is never quite knowing what the future holds work wise and so I’ve been a very busy bee the last few weeks, working on all kinds of plans.

I’ve been beavering away behind the scenes and coming up with ideas for this blog – some of which you’ll start to see coming to fruition very soon – and then last week I had one of the most exciting meetings, if not the most exciting meeting of my life! (Not kidding).

So much so that I wore my lucky green dress and favourite heels for it…


What was it about?

Well, I had a meeting with a book publisher and although I can’t say anything for the moment, let’s just say, watch this space, because my life is about to get very exciting (and very busy!) indeed.



With love,






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  • Huge congrats darling, excited to hear more, so well deserved- can I come to the book launch party?! ;) How cute are your guinea pigs, are Elsa and Anna high maintenance? My two would love some furry friends. Bet JA was ah-mazing, lovely pic of you gals x

    • Haha! Why of course! ;-) Thanks Vicki, all very exciting and a bit surreal if I’m honest. JA was as amazing as you would expect (And bonkers in the best possible way!) And as for the pigs, they’re pretty good, not high maintenance at all really. I think your boys would love them. x

  • How exciting! Sounds like your having lots of wonderful moments in a very busy life – just how things should be. Good luck with your new venture x

  • Oooooh ek! This is so exciting Katie I just can’t wait to watch all of this unfold. You deserve every single second of all the completely wonderful things going on in your life right now.

    Anna and Elsa are #adorbs and so glad little Elsie’s party went well, bless her heart.

    Lovely post, can’t wait to catch up in the flesh-it will happen before the year is out by hook or by crook. Stay fabulous xxx

    • Thank you Amy! It’s all very exciting – a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment if ever I’ve had one! And yes we certainly will! Meeting up with you my darling is a MUST! :) X

  • Oh darling I am SO thrilled for you! You deserve such happiness and success, and I can’t wait to watch this story continue to unfold and cheer you on!!! Huge hugs and miss you masses xxx

    • Thank you beautiful! So, so excited and so grateful for the amazing opportunity that has come my way. Feels a bit like a dream if I’m honest! Miss you masses too! Time to arrange a meet up! ;-) xxx

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