IT’S Elsie’s 3rd birthday today!


Watching your child grow older is a funny ol’ bittersweet thing.

In some ways it feels like the past three years has gone by in a blink of an eye. In others, it feels like I’ve packed more into the past three years than I have in the last thirty!

I really wanted to write something to celebrate Elsie’s birthday, and so when I came across Nat from Style Me Sunday‘s post ‘Before I Had Children‘, I knew this would be ideal.

Here is my #beforeIhadchildren version. (Thanks for the inspiration Nat!)

This is me, before Elsie arrived three years ago today at 5.50am, and changed me to my core, stealing my heart away in the process…

Beautiful Elsie!


Before I had Elsie, I didn’t understand what unconditional love was or even if I was capable of it.

Before I had Elsie, I didn’t understand the sacrifices make or the lengths women go to, to try and become a mum.

Before I had Elsie, I had no idea how utterly exhausting, long periods of sleep deprivation are or can be.

Before I had Elsie, I partied too hard and often looked for happiness in the wrong kind of places.

Before I had Elsie, I did not know how much motherhood would change me or even if I was cut out for the job.

Before I had Elsie, I thought I was a good person but motherhood has made me better.

Before I had Elsie, I worried less and looked much younger, yet I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

Before I had Elsie, I liked my body but now I respect it and appreciate what I have.

Before I had Elsie, I had so much free time yet somehow, I seem to achieve more now in the little time that I have.

Before I had Elsie, I didn’t realise how capable my heart is at loving.

Before I had Elsie, my needs were important but now not so much.

Before I had Elsie, I respected women but now I am in awe of our power.

Before I had Elsie, I had no idea that motherhood wouldn’t always be easy, but that it would always be worth it.

And now I have Elsie?

Well life is richer, happier, often more tiring (!) and full of laughter and love.

Happy Birthday my (not so little) pumpkin. I love you more than you will ever truly know.




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