I’M feeling super proud of myself this month.

Because I’ve made it to a bit of a milestone. I’ve made it to five years as a freelancer.

Yes folks, I’ve been working for myself, freelancing, hustling and spinning many a plate to earn a decent living for the past five years.

When I took the leap from the safety of employment into the scary unknown world of self-employment, I really had no idea what would happen or even if I would survive.

Yet five years, here I still am and still absolutely loving it.

I have spoken so much in the past about how much I adore freelancing and how much it has changed my life, but I’ve never vlogged about it.

Until now that is…

Yep, to celebrate five years of working for myself I’ve done this wee vlog! (Well I say wee, but it’s actually pretty epic – I sure know how to natter huh?! *winks*)

In it, I talk about why I love freelancing so, so much and share a few of my top tips which should hopefully come in handy for anyone who fancies having a go at it themselves.

To date, besides starting this blog, freelancing remains the very best career choice I have ever made, but I couldn’t have done it so successfully without the encouragement and advice of so many people.

So, what can I say but a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past five years. I’ve had the most incredible time and have learnt ever so much.

Who knew work could be so much fun and so incredibly fulfilling?

(And yes, I’m totally off now to celebrate my achievement with some alcoholic bubbles. And possibly – quite probably – lots of cake.)


With love,





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