Very soon life is going to change. In fact, everything is going to completely change for my husband and I.

We’re waiting for the arrival of our little bundle of joy, our now not-so-little Bean.  Waiting for our son or daughter to come into the world and change our lives forever.

Soon, we will no longer be a couple, but a family. It’s a pretty awesome thought.

At 39 weeks and 2 days, we’re both now waiting for nature to take it’s course. Waiting to meet our bambino.

Waiting for our Bean to arrive is just the weirdest thing. I’ve never known anything quite like it. The excitement I feel is a bit like when you’re waiting for Christmas Day to arrive as a kid.

Part of you wants it to be here right now, but another part of you doesn’t want it to be here and then gone so quickly. You just want to savour every minute.

The difference of course is that with this life-changing event, I have no idea when it will be. It could literally be any day.

But until something does happen, all we can do is sit and wait.

The last few months of my pregnancy have flown by, at a ridiculously alarming rate. But now oddly, every day is beginning to feel like an eternity. People keep telling me to enjoy ‘my last few days of freedom’ and spend my time catching up on some much needed sleep but I can’t.

There’s so much I want to do still, so many ideas and plans I have for the future, for this baby, for this blog, for our new life as a little family. It’s also pretty difficult to completely relax when you’re thinking about every twitch or niggle, wondering is this it? Is this it? Is this IT?!?!

The ‘waiting for bean’ game is a tricky one but one I’m happy to play out. I’ve accepted that this baby will come when he or she is ready and not before. And so we’ll happily wait. And wait some more.

In the meantime I’m holding on to the fact that when things do start to happen, my body will know what to do. I’m trying to remain calm and also, not to think about it all too much.

I’m excited, apprehensive, thoughtful, emotional and pretty damn nervous too…but I’m definitely ready. Ready to meet and hold our baby and look into it’s eyes for the very first time. Ready to become a Mum.

It’s going to be quite a moment.

All three of us have been on quite a journey already, over the last nine months, and very soon it will be time to go an another exciting adventure together.

Somebody once said that good things come to those who wait. On this occasion, I guess they’re absolutely right.

Till the next time,




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