Things I’ve loved this week…

IT’S my favourite day of the week so it’s time for some ‘Pouting In Heels’ appreciation! Here’s what I’ve loved this week…

1) Ice lollies – I know the weather hasn’t been kind and is by no means ‘summery’ at the moment but I cannot get enough of these little beauties, morning, noon and night. Now 7 months pregnant, they’ve become my new craving and I love them. Thankfully they’re not very calorific too!

2) Essie nail varnishes – I’ve been sent a whole load of fabulous nail varnishes to try out and blog about from the very kind people at Essie and it’s safe to say I am in love with the colours! Keep your eye out for my blog post on this for the Modern Girl’s Guide which will be coming very soon.

Fabulous colours from Essie


3) Finishing a project – Freelance wise, I’ve been working my little socks off this week. On Friday I finally put to bed a project I’ve been working on for a while and I can’t tell you how good that feels!

4) Abahna bath oil – I don’t want to ruin the surprise as I’ll be blogging about this marvellous product shortly but I am absolutely hooked on this bath oil. No other bath product has made me smell so nice or my skin so soft. Ever. And if that’s not enough the packaging is insanely pretty.


Bath oil for luxury bathing...


5) Viewing old houses – With baby Portman’s due date getting ever closer and with our house sold, the Husband and I are on a serious hunt for an amazing new home. This weekend we’ve viewed two old  properties that have bags of potential. Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that one might become ours.

6) Buying baby clothes – Tricky as it may be to buy clothes for a baby that we don’t know the sex of, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly excited this week when I purchased a few items for our ‘bean’. Baby Portman is going to be quite the style King  or Queen ;-)


What have you loved this week?!

Till the next time,





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