Things I’ve loved this week…

IT’S appreciation time again and as it’s such a special day today, there can be really only be two things for this week’s love-in:

1) My Mum – Here’s a whole lot of Sunday night love for my lovely and glamorous Mum on Mother’s Day. Thank you Mum for everything – for carrying me,  for putting yourself through agony to bring me into the world and for all the many, many times you’ve loved and cared for me. I love you x


Me and my Mum :-)


2) My ‘bean’ – To my little bean that’s growing and wriggling around inside of me, I don’t know what sex you are or even what you look like yet, but I love you so very much already. I can’t wait to meet you in a few months time and bring you into the world. Love your very excited and happy Mum to be x

Baby Portman :-)


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums (past and present), mums to be and mother figures. xxx


Till the next time,



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2 Discussions on
“Things I’ve loved this week…”
  • Once you become a mum or a mum to be you come to realize and admire your own mum for the sacrifices she has made for you. you also come to understand the love your mum has for you which like your own child cant be described in words. Also i would bet anything that your bean is a boy. I could be wrong but time will tell! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your baby because they soon grow up!
    much love. lucy x

    • Very true Lucy!
      The sacrifices Mums (& Dads) make really is something.

      So you think bean is a boy ey?! Interesting!
      Most people so far think a girl :-)

      Hope all is well, love Kate x

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