Pouting In Heels is now an award winning blog! (And a thank you) x


SEE this pic here?

I was sent that yesterday because after 2 and a half years of blogging, I’ve only gone and won my first ever blogging award!

(And it’s safe to say I am beyond thrilled!)

Yep, the lovely expert people at The Blogger’s Lounge chose me as one of their five finalists in the parenting blog of the year category and you my wonderful, scrumptious readers voted for me to WIN!

I’ll be honest, I still can’t quite believe it. It all feels a little bit surreal but also pretty bloody fabulous too I’ll admit! I’m not ashamed in the slightest to say I let out a big ‘wooo hooo’ when the email landed in my inbox yesterday telling me that I’d won. ;-)

So what does the blog award win mean for Pouting In Heels?

Well not much really, but then lots at the same time, if you get what I mean?

I have never blogged for recognition or for the money (although both of these things are wonderful to have). Nope, like the best bloggers out there, I do it simply for the love of it. Because it gives me a voice, because it enables me to reach out to people and hopefully provide a warmer and more supportive voice for woman than what you may come across in the mainstream media. (I’m on a total mission folks!)

When I first started back in February 2012, I had a mere handful of readers and whilst I now I have thousands tuning in every single month, I would absolutely still write if I only had one reader. I would absolutely still write because writing is as much a part of me, as the hair on my wee head.

Winning the award feels wonderful because when you put so much hard work and love into anything, to have that recognised and appreciated feels brilliant. Like all your hard work is worth it. Like it means something. It is, I guess, all any of us can hope for really.

So I am thrilled, I am amazed, I am proud of myself (that’s allowed I think?!) but also a little embarrassed.

Not because I don’t feel I deserve it but because the sheer depth of incredible blogging talent out there is mind boggling, particularly in the parenting category.

I read so many wonderful blogs and know so many amazing bloggers that I kinda feel, this award should go to all of us! To all the brilliant bloggers I know and love. To the ones who work their socks off and inspire people continually with their efforts.

To all the mummy – and daddy – bloggers who get up, juggle jobs with children, battle sleepless nights and live on caffeine but yet still manage to churn out brilliant blog posts that make us all laugh, cry, learn and reflect.

Blogging has brought so much good into my life and right now I feel beyond blessed and fortunate.

Inspiring friendships, reader responses that touch my heart, wonderful brand relationships, extra money plus incredible opportunities have all come my way through this little blog of mine which all began because I put my back out in early pregnancy and couldn’t walk! (Elsie, my darling, this is all down to you! x)

So this win – albeit wonderful – really is just the cherry on top of an already fabulously iced cake. It’s a career highlight, a milestone moment and of course an honour.

So THANK YOU folks.

Thank you to every single one of you who has voted for me, ever taken the time to read or share my ramblings or supported and inspired me on my way.

You’ve made my blogging career that little bit sweeter and I will truly, be forever grateful.


Congratulations to everyone who won, who was highly commended or short listed for the awards! Do check them all out if you can and show them some love.

With all my love (and a few woop woops!)






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“Pouting In Heels is now an award winning blog! (And a thank you) x”

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