THE other day an email landed in my inbox which made me a little teary eyed.

For when I opened the email, I was greeted with beautiful images of two beautiful woman, looking proud, looking happy and looking glorious.

Two women who have lived, two women who are larger than life, two women in their sixties who are still as beautiful now as they were many years ago.

Both women are rather special.


They are mums of grown up children. They are grandparents.

They have known loss and suffered hardship but have always kept on, keeping on. Bouncing back bigger and better.

And they are loved. Especially by me.

Because you see, these two women are very dear to me. Folks, let me introduce you to my Mum Sue….


And to my Mother In Law Janine…


And yes I know I am obviously biased, but I ask you, don’t they look magnificent?!

These stunning images, which I absolutely adore, were taken by the very talented photographer, Helen Booth, owner of Masque Photography.

Helen, who has become a good friend of mine, is a special kind of photographer in my humble opinion, especially when it comes to capturing women.Why?

Because she has a real knack for taking drop dead gorgeous, feminine images of women, at their very best.

As someone who has been lucky enough to have been photographed by Helen (it was Helen who did this Monica Bellucci inspired photo shoot with me) I know exactly how much care she puts into her work and am always blown away by how passionate she is at capturing women – ALL women – in their glory.


So when Helen asked my Mum and Mother-in-Law to be her guinea pigs for her latest photography offer, I never once hesitated in asking them if they’d like to do it because I just knew they would be in safe, talented hands.

On the morning of the photo shoot, two very giddy mamas giggled in my car at the thought of their big camera moment and as the shoot progressed, I can’t tell you how much joy I got from seeing them both embrace the experience and grow in confidence in front of the camera.

Posing and laughing and having a ball.


The final images made me so proud and also rather emotional, because they both look so stunning, vibrant and full of life.

And I can only hope that when they look at these photos as the days go by, they will remember what I’ve always tried to tell them both…

That they are beautiful. That they are special. That they are loved.

Thank you Helen for showing both mums – whom I love so much – just how glorious they truly are and for capturing them both so perfectly. It really was one mother of a shoot.


Inspired by the two glamorous mums (!), Helen is now offering the perfect gift for Mother’s Day – a glamorous photo shoot for just £49.

The gift includes a 30-45 photo session, refreshments, professional re-touching, choice of stunning head shots and your favourite photograph printed. (Includes a 12×8″ and 2 7×5″ mounted prints)

To book email Helen at info@masquephotography.co.uk or call 07957337198. 

With love,






All images used with kind permission from Masque Photography.


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