The perfect Valentine gift with Wrap.Me

wrap me gift step 3

I THINK I may have just created the easiest personalised Valentine’s Day gift in the world.

Seriously, I think you may just love this one guys. (And love me for it too!)

It’s simple to do, costs very little and all it requires is a little effort and thought. (Which really is what Valentine’s Day is all about is it not?)

I created this gift with Wrap.Me, a super brilliant new service which takes your favourite photos and turns them into amazing personalised gift wrap (or lovely works of art).

This service is seriously brilliant. I absolutely love it and can see myself using this a hell of a lot this year with many special birthdays and events coming up.

It’s reasonably priced (slightly expensive in comparison to normal gift wrap yes but SO worth it) and ridiculously easy to use! Simply log in to your Instagram or Facebook account to access some of your treasured photos or if you prefer, upload some snaps from a computer and within seconds it’s created. Genius!

I opted for a roll which costs £9.99 and it was delivered within days in a very snazzy metallic tube. (Great packaging Wrap.Me!)

And today I have made this little gift for the husband with it. An early Valentine’s present (because he’d probably see it on here) and guess what? He absolutely LOVED it and trust me after nearly 15 years together I can tell when he likes something or not. Serious brownie points for me ey?

So, ladies (and gents) if you’re looking for a simple, effective way to say I love you on the 14th February – or indeed at any other time (romance should never be restricted to one day) – then read on.

Here is my ‘I love you because…’ piece of ‘art’ created with Wrap.Me and how you can make one too, or similar.


wrap me present step 1


To create your own ‘I love you because…’ piece you will need : 1 personalised sheet or roll of paper from Wrap.Me, 1 photo frame (this one with a mount cost just £5 from B&Q), some Sellotape, white card and a pen.


wrap me gift 2

Decide which section of paper you are going to frame (you can have up to 36 images on a roll) and then cut it out and place it in your frame, making sure it’s nice and even. (You don’t really want any wonkiness).


wrap me I love you because

Next, cut out a love heart from a piece of card (or other shape) and write down all the reasons you love your other half on it, starting each sentence with “I love you because…” Be as daft or as serious as you like, but use your heart for this one, because that’s where each sentiment should come from.

I filled the entire heart with as many ‘reasons’ as I could squeeze on but one beautiful reason would be just as effective if you want to keep it simple.


wrap me gift idea


Then position your heart onto the paper, wherever you think it looks best. It took me ages to figure out where to pop this one in place, but I finally decided to be edgy and go off centre ;-)

Pop the back, back on your frame and da, daa! There you have it. One personalised piece of art work, which expresses your love and affection for the special person in your life, using fabulous snaps and a few words from the heart. What could be lovelier?


wrap me gift wrapped

Finally, finish it off by wrapping it in style! A gift so lovely deserves to be wrapped beautifully and as you might have guessed, here’s how I wrapped mine. This is Wrap.Me paper doing exactly what it does best. Doesn’t it look swish?!

Wrap.Me is a really super service and product! Do check it out and see which paper / art work you can create in three easy steps.

One warning though, if you’re a photo addict like me, you may become more than just a little obsessed. My husband has already said, we could get a roll printed out for our bedroom wall… (see? Don’t say I haven’t warned you!)


What do you think of my design / idea? Have you got any brilliant personalised gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Have you used the Wrap.Me service yet? As always I lurve to hear your thoughts…especially when they’re about love, you know?

With love,






Disclaimer – this post is sponsored by Wrap.Me but all ideas and opinions (as always) are my own. To put it bluntly, if I wouldn’t recommend something to a friend or loved one, I wouldn’t recommend it to you! :) x



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