animal heads elsies bedroom


I’M not quite sure how it’s happened already but it has.

Elsie has grown up and so it’s time to move my not-so wee cherub out of her nursery and give her a ‘proper’ bedroom. You know with lots of room to play, where she can let loose and throw her toys about.

Currently Elsie is in a teeny tiny room. Which is fine and has been perfectly lovely (if I do say so myself, I took great pride in decorating this!) however now she’s older and much more active, there’s no doubt about it, she needs more room to spread her toddler wings and she needs it quick.

So it’s out of the nursery (which will probably become an office and perhaps one day another nursery if we’re lucky – ooo er!) and it’s into a big room with lots of space. I know, she’s a very lucky girl isn’t she?

Ideally, we’re planning on moving her in asap. One, because it’s time. And two, because we’ve bought her a gigantic vintage dolls house (that I’m currently renovating, eek!) which will be her Christmas present and there is no absolutely no room downstairs for it. This dolls house demands a big playroom.

As she’s grown older, her needs have of course changed and so I’ve been busy scouring the net and good ol’ Pinterest looking for inspiration. Here are some of the things I’m currently loving / thinking about which I’ll hopefully introduce into Elsie’s new bedroom soon.

I thought I’d share them because, well, if you’re anything like me (and Elsie) you might just love ’em too.


 animal heads elsies bedroom

Animal heads

How fantastic are these animal heads from Urbanara? (A very hip and gorgeous online retailer) I’m not actually sure how I could choose one from this collection as they’re all so damn fabulous, but as Elsie is rather partial to a big cat, I guess we might just be investing in the lovely Tiger one very soon.

If you haven’t got acquainted with the kids accessories on Urbanara yet, then do. They’re all absolutely splendid.


reading nook elsies bedroom

A reading nook

Elsie loves her books and is quite the bookworm which is wonderful and heartwarming because I was exactly the same apparently.

I’ll often find her curled up on our sofa with a book in hand, flicking through the pages and making little stories up. Therefore I think the idea of a reading nook like this in her bedroom could well be a stroke of genius.

I’m going to utilise this gorgeous and ridiculously cheap canope that currently hangs over her toddler cotbed and add in some fairy lights, plenty of comfy pillows and perhaps a bit of faux fur for her too to sit on and cuddle up with.

Sounds good doesn’t it? I might even have a little sit down in there myself when it’s finished.



Colourful furniture

Whilst Elsie loves pink at the moment, the thought of a pink princessy wonderland just doesn’t quite work for me. And more importantly for her. This is a girl who needs technicolour in her life! ;-)

I love colour and can’t wait to introduce lots of it into her bedroom. Currently her existing furniture and her new big bed (!) are white so I’m thinking some lovely colourful furniture like this that I spotted on Pinterest will work brilliantly, even if I do have to do the painting myself.


Craft table

Blackboard table

She’s crafty my little girl and I don’t mean in the cheeky sense. Like most toddlers and young kids, she loves to paint and draw and I think I’ve found the perfect thing to entertain her upstairs in her new room.

I recently bought a tin of blackboard paint (for her dolls house) and have used hardly any and so it got me thinking, what on earth can I do with the stuff?

Soon I remembered an old table that currently lies unloved and abandoned in our garage. The perfect size. And the perfect height for my little girl. And so guess what I’m going to do with it? Yep I’m going to paint the top with my leftover blackboard paint and let her loose with the white stuff.

Will it be messy? Will she start to colour in every table she sees? Who knows! Perhaps she will. Perhaps it’ll be the worst thing I’ve ever thought of. But what the hell. If it all goes wrong, at least I can chalk it up to experience and she’ll have plenty of fun in the process.


What do you think of my ideas for Elsie’s room? Can you recommend some brilliant online shops for kids bedroom stuff? Have you any tips for me? As always I would love, love, love to hear your thoughts x

With love,



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