STYLE (Interior): A little peek inside Elsie’s nursery…

Precious things 2

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Elsie’s nursery.

After moving house when Elsie was just seven weeks old, we didn’t manage to get her nursery finished until a few months ago. Needless to say it was frustrating at times, however, like with all good things, it was well worth the wait!

Elsie’s room – like all of the rooms in our beautiful but neglected old home – needed quite a bit of work doing to it before we could even begin decorating.

So out went the old wallpaper, the threadbare carpet and dingy curtains and in came neat plastered walls, a carpet deep and luxurious enough to sink your feet into and new beautiful curtains.

We painted the room a light antique cream and chose a child-friendly grey carpet as we wanted the room to have a neutral base but be filled with LOTS of colour…as well as plenty of precious things.

I don’t usually share images of my home on the blog, but after being asked by so many of you to publish some pics, I’ve decided to make a rare exception to the rule.

Here are a few snapshots to give you a feel of the final result.

Welcome to Elsie’s space, a little room filled with a whole lotta love!

Elsie wall

MOBILEElsie room 3CotRabbitsFan close up


Rory the lioncarousel

Precious thingsLion

owl boxWindow

Rocking chairChairOwl chairbutterflies

The details

Cot – Mamas & Papas * Wardrobe and display unit – Ikea * Bed canopy – Ikea * Japanese paper balloons – Petra Boase * Bedding – Little Bird at Mothercare * Curtains – made by Stepmum * Rocking chair – vintage eBay find restored and painted by my husband * Paper fan garland – Petra Boase * Artwork – Petra Boase * Rabbits & crystals – a bespoke piece by Bijoux Twenty Two* Butterflies – local shop * Mini rocker – TK Maxx * Wall stickers – Achica*


  • Don’t be afraid to mix old with new  – vintage pieces and retro furniture mix well with new contemporary items and inject character and charm. Plus they’re often a lot cheaper!
  • Fill a nursery with love – Elsie’s room is filled with handmade and bespoke pieces – made by us or kindly given to us from family and friends – as well as items that belonged to us, like my old teddy bear. I love the fact that nearly everything in her room has been crafted especially for her or given to us a gift as it shows just how much she is loved. If ever there is a room to fill with love in a house, it’s this one.
  • Help promote good sleep with a blackout curtain or blind – seriously, come summer you will be thankful you did this. Try a double curtain pole (our preferred choice).
  • If you’re struggling for design ideas, pick ONE item for inspiration – Inspiration for Elsie’s nursery came to me from a woollen rainbow striped blanket. I loved the use of colour and texture and so that became my guide.
  • Don’t be afraid of DIY – decorating can often be daunting, especially when you’re strapped for time and / or cash. But don’t let it put you off having a go. There’s plenty of great advice online these days, such as this brilliant free eBook from Local Traders. So read up, get prepared and then get stuck in! You’ll be mighty impressed with yourself when it’s all done.

Till the next time, always chose carpets that are comfy on the toes!



P.S It really is amazing what a lick of paint and a little TLC can do.The results of my husband’s handy work…


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9 Discussions on
“STYLE (Interior): A little peek inside Elsie’s nursery…”
  • Yay! I’ve been eagerly antiicipating this post and can tell you I am not disappointed. Elsie’s room is beautiful, so pretty and girly without being ‘girly’ (if that makes any sense?!). It looks like a room that will easily grow and adapy with Elsie. I love the upcycled rocking horse and handmade curtains and those bug picture frames are too cute. Where are they from?
    What a lucky little lady and if this room is anything to go by, the upheaval of decorating your new home will definitely be worth it in the end Katie, you clearly have an eye for style. Xx

    • Thank you Franki!

      I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint you and am totally thrilled that you say it’s ‘pretty and girly without being girly’ as that’s exactly the look I was hoping to achieve! Feminine but without pink / princess overload! ;-)

      The bug picture frames are very cute, I agree. They were a gift but came from Marks and Spencers if I remember correctly.

      Thank you for your lovely comment x

  • Hi I am Elsie’s Happy Grandma, and I can certainly say that yes Kate has certainly got an eye for style every little detail in Elsie’s room means something, even down to the pebble she brought back from the beach on their first holiday together with her nieces and nephews, she got them to paint it with nail varnish obviously Kate didn’t have anything else to do it with and now it is treasured on Elsie’s shelf, if you look back at the photos you will see it. Kate is one special gifted daughter in law! XXX

  • This is simply beautiful! I love that tiny rocking chair, I still have a chair from my nursery. It’s an old wooden school chair that my Dad painted pink for me. I love it and will never be parted from it.
    Thank you for sharing x

    • Thank you Hazel! Lovely to hear that you still cherish your little chair from your nursery. I can only hope that Elsie feels the same way about hers when she is older.

      Such items are just SO precious x

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