LIFE: Stuff I’ve fallen in love with recently. Discoveries and the like.


I WASN’T sure whether to put this post under my secrets or life category.

After a little deliberation though, I opted for life in the end. (Because it’s what life is all about isn’t it?! Discovering stuff?)

But anyway…I’m going off the point here. As it’s always good to show some appreciation, here’s a quick round up of little discoveries that I’ve loved or enjoyed recently.

Or in other words, here’s the stuff that has made me smile or just feel so god damn thankful to be alive!




  • Walking the streets of Saltaire Village felt eerily strange but rather wonderful. It really did make me feel like I’d gone back in time. The park is also amazing for little ones. Best I’ve visited yet with Elsie.
  • Eat at the Salts Diner (Salt Mills, Saltaire) if you ever get the chance. Everything we ordered was seriously delicious (my husband LOVED the homemade burger.)
  • Staying in luxury as a family in a Stay Vivo apartment was heavenly and a great base for visiting child friendly places in Yorkshire.
  • Much fun was had at the National Media Museum in Bradford although Elsie wasn’t too keen on Mummy having a go at reading the news!
  • Seeing lions up close and getting acquainted with a friendly monkey was the highlight of a recent family break. Knowsley Safari Park was as amazing as I’d remembered from visiting as a child.


  • With the sun coming out, I’ve been embracing my bronzer and looking healthier as a result!
  • The new Miracle Eye Cream by Garnier may not be as miraculous as they claim, but it is rather heavenly and works brilliantly. I’m totally hooked.
  • I think I may just also have found the perfect nude lipstick, thanks to my Mum! It’s by Laura Geller and you can find similar here.




  • Primarni have made me ridiculously happy again. Hasn’t happened in a while but last week I found a gorgeous dress in there for hot, sunny days (or nights) for a bargain £13. It seriously looks like it cost me at least 10x that amount.
  • On Saturday I was reminded that life is always happier when sequins are involved! Catching up with a good friend and dancing the night away in a white sequinned frock by French Connection was just SO much fun.
  • Joules Clothing kindly sent me an amazing jumper which is just perfect for freelancing and lazy days. I can’t tell you how much I adore this embellished jersey top.
  • It feels good to be wearing summery clothes today! I know dirndl skirts are not in Vogue this season but mine is both comfy and pretty so just begs to worn!

Blogs & blogging




  • Sofas always look better and are much comfier when you fill them full of cushions don’t you think?! I couldn’t resist this lovely Indian cushion from T K Maxx last week.
  • And it may already be proving to be controversial (!) but I don’t care. I am totally in love with our new feather ceiling lampshade, which Elsie affectionately calls ‘the cloud’.

Film and books

  • I knew it would, and it did. The brilliant 12 Years A Slave made me weep. Don’t think I’ll ever forget this beautiful, haunting film.
  • Currently loving The Book Thief which was kindly leant to me by a friend.
  • Delighted that my pal Vicki of Honest Mum fame is enjoying Seth Godin’s Linchpin book as much as I did. Believe me when I tell you, that this book can change your life!




  • Elsie continues to amaze me with her vocabulary and is now stringing long sentences together and asking me ‘what’ questions (like every two minutes). I know every parent thinks it, but I seriously reckon I may have a budding genius on my hands! ;-)
  • I forgot how good it is to get your glad rags on and dance the night away in a hot, sweaty, loud, dirty nightclub, but on Saturday night I did just this and LOVED every second.
  • Making plans for meeting up with some of my lovely blogger friends at Brit Mums Live is all becoming very exciting! Although obviously, I am already struggling with the ‘what to wear’ dilemma. Come on, you didn’t expect anything less did you?! ;-)


What have you fallen head over (high) heels for recently? 

See you tomorrow folks!

With love and pouts,






*Disclaimer – Stay Vivo Apartments are one of my freelancing clients and kindly let the three of us stay in one of their apartments for free. Jammy or what?! x


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11 Discussions on
“LIFE: Stuff I’ve fallen in love with recently. Discoveries and the like.”
  • Aw darling girl, thanks so much for mentioning both my blogs in your post and recommending The Linchpin (loving it and reaffirms all the choices I’ve made in my life which is always nice).

    I too love Primarni and you look beautiful in that skirt-shot is like an oil painting.

    I’ve visited and loved a lot of the places above (National TV Museum inspired me to become a director) but I’ve not been to Salt Mills for years so must go again! Gorgeous post xx

    • Thank you darling! You’re incredibly welcome. I totally posed for that skirt shot but it had to be don properly to show off the skirt ;-) You’ll love Salt Mills, especially the diner! x

  • So touched and humbled to make it onto your list lovely lady! It’s amazing the things that touch and move us that we come across. I loved the Book Thief, and must get hold of the Linchpin to read. Ands as for dancing in a hot sweaty nightclub – oooh, yes please! I definitely need to kick up my heels! Wonderful wonderful post, loved it and thank you! xxx Mwah!

  • This little round up is lovely. The Book Thief is one of my favourite books I loved it and I usually pass books on but this one is a keeper for my bookshelf. Will have to look into the Linchpin book you mention.
    I haven’t been out for a good dance in a nightclub for ages and I’m starting to crave it a bit, a good old sweaty dance is very much needed. We need to book one in the diary that we don’t forget about haha xx

    • You’ll adore Linchpin Franki. It’s life changing seriously. And yes, let’s get a ‘sweaty dance’ booked in soon! (That sounds SO wrong!) ;-) x

  • What a fab post, really enjoyed this mini whirlwind tour of your recent adventures. I will have to add Linchpin to my ever expanding reading list, hear so much about Seth Godin. And I had no idea about Zaz’s vlog so will def check it out!

    Shame I will miss you all at Britmums.

    BTW, your skirt up top? #everything x

    • Hi Uju! Thanks so much for popping by. Seth Godin is AMAZING. Seriously. I’m not sure how he does it (oh how I wish I had his skills!) but whatever he says, I find myself thinking “yes,yes, YES!” He really does always get it right.

      Linchpin is life changing and I can also highly recommend his blog:

      Sorry we won’t get the chance to meet up at Britmums but if you’re ever near Yorkshire do let me know! :) x
      P.S Between you and I, the skirt, the ‘everything’ cost me a whole £1. I kid you not.

  • Thanks for linking up this stunning post to #brilliantblogposts, we are cushion mad here too (love that Indian one) and your decor, gorgeous and thanks again for the lovely mentions! Must head back to Salt Mills, I was literally 11 the last time x

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