FRIDAY FIVE: My favourite childrenswear companies

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WITH Elsie now approaching her 2nd birthday (I still can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!) it’s safe to say I’ve become acquainted with some fabulous childrenswear brands over the past few years.

It’s hard to whittle them down, the choice for girls being particularly fantastic, but here are five of my favourites currently. And some top tips on what to buy from each one.





An obvious one (or perhaps not?) but I just can’t write a post about childrenswear without mentioning this legendary high street retailer. Besides being a brilliant one stop shop for all parenthood must haves, it also sells a large, well priced and fashionable range of childrenswear.

In particular, I am rather attached to the Little Bird range, designed by Jools Oliver. I love the simple, classic, retro designs of years past (many of the clothing reminds me of things I used to wear when I was little!) and have purchased many items from this collection. (All of Elsie’s bedding came from this range too and it’s the prettiest unisex bedding I’ve come across yet! Timeless.)

Everything I have bought from the Little Bird range has washed well, is of a fair size and looks gorgeous. I just pray that this line continues!




When it comes to their ladieswear, I have to say I’m not a huge fan. (I am one of those few yet to find a decent pair of jeans from here!)

But…when it comes to childrenswear, it makes me a very happy shopper indeed. Again, like Mothercare, the clothes are more classic. No bling here! Some items are a little pricey in my opinion but they do wash well and are of a high quality.

My favourite pieces? Their fabulous tights -what’s not to love about gorgeous tights in bright colours and designs that have a bear’s face on the bum?! – and their socks!

Yes, I know they are not the most exciting of items but they are the only socks I’ve come across yet that a baby/ toddler cannot take off easily. (My sister with three young children passed this top tip onto me!) They also have grips on the feet, perfect for Elsie as she runs amok across our slippy wooden floors, are super soft and come in incredibly pretty designs and colours too.




Oh Boden, how I love thee! Again, when it comes to ladieswear, I think most of it is a bit safe, but for childrenswear, this brand has got it going on! Gorgeous designs (best on the high street in my humble opinion) fabulous colours and brilliant quality…the only drawback is that unfortunately it’s not cheap. Damn it!

But as every savvy shopper knows, there is a time to splurge and a time to scrimp. So whilst I pack Elsie off to nursery in clothes that cost a tenner or less, I do treat her, every now and then, to something from here.

Plus, whilst some of the prices for toddlerwear do make me raise my eyebrows a little, I reason every purchase with the fact that if I want to sell them on eBay later, all Boden childrenswear sells REALLY well.


From Babies With Love




If you haven’t heard of this company yet, then please, please let me get you acquainted with this wonderful social enterprise. I have written about why I love ‘From Babies With Love’ before, but in a nutshell, every single penny of profit made from the items they sell goes to helping abandoned and orphaned babies. I mean, really, how can you not shop here?!

Admittedly, the clothes (again) are not cheap. But the designs are bright, colourful and timeless. And the quality is amazing. Elsie has a dress from here, that can be worn inside out (genius!) and it has washed and washed and washed.

Their babygrow collection is particularly lovely (all made from organic cotton) and this online retailer has now become my ‘go to’ brand for all new baby gifts. Every time one of my close friends has a baby, I buy them something from here.

Why? Because I can’t think of a more wonderful way of welcoming a baby into the world then by purchasing something which will help other babies to have a brighter and happier future.


Yellow Mellon

YM .jpg


Ok, disclaimer time first! Yellow Mellon is a freelancing client of mine, which of course means they pay me to work for them. But… I only add them to this list because I genuinely love their childrenswear and believe in them as a retailer.

As someone who works for them, I have seen at first hand the work that goes into the garments (the designers are amazing!) I have looked in awe and delight at the thousands of stunning items in their warehouse and Elsie has many pieces from Yellow Mellon which she wears and loves.

Yellow Mellon offers a brilliant selection of childrenswear for ridiculously reasonable prices, at a fraction of the cost of the RRP. How can they do this?! Well, because between you and I they’ve been in the business for donkeys years and because they produce and manufacture clothing for many high street brands. It’s safe to say that when it comes to clothing for kids, the Yellow Mellon team know what they are doing!

If you haven’t heard of them before or tried their clothing, I urge you politely to have a look and see what you think. It’s a brand which is growing and improving week in, week out, and one that I honestly think you will love once you give them a try.


Which brands of childrenswear do you love? Do you have a particular favourite?

The weekend is here! Have a brilliant time everyone! (And the sun is currently shining!)

With love and pouts,






P.S I’m delighted to announce that this month I’ll be taking over the Yellow Mellon blog! Catch me throughout June talking parenthood, fashion and blogging! Exciting ey?!

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6 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: My favourite childrenswear companies”
  • Supermarkets are great for kids clothes, my favourite being Sainsburys. Everything I’ve purchased from there for my little boy has washed really well – I hate it when clothing loses its colour :( And with my little man being a typical boy, its all quite hard wearing too! The prices are reasonable and they have quite a wide selection!

    Might have to check out some of your suggested retailers for some more treats! xxx

    • Do you know, I never really think about looking in supermarkets for kids clothes! Crazy ey?! Will have to have a good look next time I’m in.

      Let me know what you think if you check out some of the retailers I’ve suggested! x

  • We are ‘monsoon’ Girls ;) my girls wardrobes are full of pretty florals and sparklesand. And the oh so stunning girls clothes at ‘I love gorgeous’ for a treat (or hitting the sales).

    • Ah yes, Monsoon is one of my favourites too. Looking forward to shopping there much more as Elsie gets older! :)

  • I love the nutmeg range from Morrisons. The quality is fab and priced so well you can’t really go wrong. I’ve struggled to find any brand I like for Luca so get bits from here & there to make up his wardrobe. My friend is having a baby soon so think her baby present will be from ‘From Babies with Love’ now you’ve reminded me once again of them. Xx

    • That’s fabulous Franki! I ADORE ‘From Babies With Love’. Such a wonderful concept x

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