Have you found your stage a

I DON’T believe in New Year resolutions.

I don’t like the pressure, the feeling that we’re all somehow not good enough or the expectation that we all need to change something.


All that aside, I do absolutely, hand on heart, totally and utterly adore New Year and the inescapable buzz of transformation, hope and excitement that hangs in the air.

Because whilst I don’t believe in making a mammoth list of resolutions… I do believe in change. I do believe in personal growth. And I do believe in me. And in you.

Every day is a new opportunity for change. A chance to try something different, tackle something or boldly step where we haven’t before.

As I said on Twitter the other day, you can change or make changes any day you wish! Not just over the New Year.

And it’s important to bear that in mind I reckon, because sometimes we forget that the potential to make change is always within us. That it doesn’t just pop up before New Year and then vanish into thin air.

That potential? It is always there, waiting to be stoked. New Year or not.

So, if you want to change something, hell lady, go for it! Want to revamp your life, you got my respect! But just keep an eye on that pressure you feel. Because whilst today is a great day to do something differently, if it all feels all too much, there’s really nothing wrong in trying again tomorrow.

So no, there will be no New Year resolutions for me this year. But that’s not to say I’m not making changes or working on things.

In 2016, there is one thing that I’ve decided I want to pay great attention to. One thing that I am determined to improve. And that is in the area of kindness.

And not in regards to you, or my daughter, or the bloke down the street or the elderly lady in the supermarket. (Although being kinder to everyone is super important!)

But, to ME.

Yes folks you’ve heard it hear first! This year is all about me being kinder to myself. And I’d love it, like absolutely ‘jump with joy’ love it, if you’d join me on this little mission / journey / transformation too.

Because I want you also to be kinder to yourself this year. And I’d like you to try and start today.

Yesterday I read in the news, that a recent study has shown that on average, women criticise themselves at least eight times a day.

EIGHT TIMES A DAY! And I don’t know about you, but I reckon that’s an underestimate.

Have a think for a moment about how many times you’ve criticised yourself today so far? At the time of writing this, I’ve been up over three hours and I’m already at four.


Women. We are our own harshest critics. We criticise and judge ourselves far too much and far too unfairly.

We’re just not very good at being kind to ourselves, are we?

We do a brilliant job of being kind to others – our partners, our children, relatives, friends and strangers. We do a cracking job of helping the needy, the sick and the vulnerable.

But when it comes to ourselves? Well, don’t we just suck at it?!

I came up with my little kindness mission a few days before New Year after I read a smashing post (it’s a must read!) from my wise blogging friend, Michelle AKA The Joy Chaser.

In her latest post, Michelle urges people to choose a word that resonates with them, for 2016.

And so this is the word I came up with. My word of the year. Yup, when it comes to 2016, kindness to self, is where it’s at.

Have you found your stage

Out of all the words that came to me, this one stood out. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realised why.

Because you see, kindness to ourselves is, the essential nourishment that we need in order to grow. Everything needs to come from here and nothing can, or will, flourish, without it.

Wanna run a marathon this year? Well you need to be kind to yourself, so you can find the time to train.

Wanna change your career in 2016? Well you need to be kind to yourself, so you can find that inner confidence to go for it.

Want to be happier with your life? Well, you need to be kind to yourself, so you can give yourself a god damned break sometimes.

Kindness. Kindness. Kindness.

Everything comes from here. The kinder we are to ourselves, the more change we will see.

Our inner voices will become more positive. The pressure we put on ourselves, and allow others to put on us, will ease. We will learn to treat ourselves better which will help us make healthier and happier choices. We will make ourselves a priority in our lives and we will learn to feel good about it too.

The simple thought of being kinder to ourselves, holds a lot of power and promise.

So lady, if you’re sat there today feeling stuck with your life, weight, happiness or health, kindness to yourself is a really good place to start.


Happy New Year you lovely lot! Here’s to a cracker of a year ahead! 

With love,





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