beauty tips

beauty tips


OK super mums, today’s post is especially for you.

Yep YOU! You there, who struggles to find 5 minutes in the morning for yourself,  as you battle sleep exhaustion and a hungry, cranky baby.

You there, who has to battle getting the kids ready before you can even attempt to put on your battle face. You there, who would love to look and feel like a million dollars for the day, but just cannot find a way to make it happen because the morning’s are just too damn busy!

It’s tough being a mum at times, especially on a morning.

There’s not enough time, not enough hands and not enough coffee (or tea in my case).

I know how it is and I feel your pain too sisters. Hell, by the time I’ve got my little one fed, dressed and dropped off at nursery or grandparents, I feel like I’ve done a day’s work before I even begin my day’s work! Phew!

With mornings being so stressful (or just make that plain hellish!), it’s no surprise then that our attire and look can leave a bit to be desired at times.

However, even though as a freelancer and blogger I work from home, I still do my damnedest to make sure I look half decent at least, most days.

Why? Well, because it makes me feel better, it makes me happier and I don’t have to worry if there’s a knock at the door, that I look like something the dog has thrown up.

Getting ready in the morning is a struggle, granted. But, after nearly two and half years of being a busy mum, I think, no I believe, I’ve finally got it down to a bit of an art form.

Here’s how to get ready, super quickly in the morning and look amazing for the rest of the day. (And I promise you it’s easier than you think.)


 1) Feel human again and get showered

A quick shower will mean you are super clean in minutes. It will also wake you up. (And who doesn’t need that?!)

No time at all? Just jump in, quickly wash yourself with a creamy shower gel (that’s super moisturising) and jump out.

Little longer? As above but wash and condition your hair too.


2) Sort out the barnet

Washed your hair? Then quickly comb through, add a deluxe styling product and leave to dry naturally.  Later in the day if you’ve got five mins, you can always run your straightners through it or give it a curl. (My preferred option!)

No time to wash your hair? No problem. Either spray in some dry shampoo and give it a good brush, tie it up (if it’s long) or wear a hat if it’s short and looking awful.


getting wardrobe ready for winter


3) Pick a pre-crafted outfit 

You know when you’re always on the last minute, when you can never find a thing to wear? Well you can forget about ever having to worry about that again if you do this one thing:

 Organise your wardrobe by OUTFITS.

This little style rule has transformed my life (honestly) and has probably given me back at least an hour of my time each week, because no longer do I root through my closet in a panic, waste precious minutes and get that feeling of total and utter despair, when I’m up against the clock.

Organising your clothing into outfits will make your life less stressful. It will give you back time and help you feel on top of things. It’ll also make you look gorgeous and pulled together. So do it. And do it NOW.


4) Apply your day face 

Hands up if you’re one of those people who spends ages rummaging through a dirty, rammed make up bag in the morning? Ok hands down. It’s time to stop.

Most of us have a ‘day make up face’ and by that I mean we tend to wear the same make up day in, day out, (if any at all) so why not use this to your advantage? Grab yourself a box, make up bag or tray and fill it with the few selected items you need to create your perfect ‘day face’.

For me, it’s concealer, mascara, blusher, eyeliner, powder and lipstick. These are my basics but you’ll have your own.

Once you’ve got them all together, give your ‘day face make up’  a dedicated spot near a mirror and in the morning, ignore the sparkly eye shadows that might be calling you from elsewhere and just head straight there. Job. Done.


close up rainbow necklace


5) Add an accessory (or 2, or 3…)

And no mums, I’m not talking babies or toddlers here (as gorgeous or as cute as they are!)

I wear accessories EVERY day. I often plan my outfits around them and I’ll be honest, I rarely if ever leave the house without wearing a pair of earrings. Even if it’s a small pair of studs. (No one wants to see holes in your ears right?!)

Embrace scarves, emphasise you waist with a belt, dig out your patterned tights and show off your jewels! The simplest outfits can go from drab to fab in seconds with an addition of an accessory or two, so go wild and get creative.


6) Spritz some perfume

I don’t need to explain this do I? You cannot help but feel better if you smell great.

Even if you’ve covered in baby sick, even if your hair is unwashed, even if you’ve had about two hours sleep.

Perfume always makes me feel more glamorous and womanly and I mean come on, who doesn’t want to smell great? Plus, let’s not forget, it takes mere seconds.




7) Throw on a great coat and great shoes…

And leave them by the front door so you can easily grab them on as you’re legging it out of the house.

A stunning coat will dress up or cover any crap outfit and great shoes, well you know what they say. You can tell a lot about people’s shoes so don’t disappoint.

These two items can make or break you so no scruffiness is allowed my friends. Knackered flats are not what we want here and coats that are past their best and don’t fit well will not do you any favours.

A stunning coat that fits you well and lovely shoes that are ideally comfortable and sassy (they do exist honest!) will take you places. Even if it is just to the school gates and back home again.

And if you wanna wear your PJs underneath, well then that’s up to you. You have my word I won’t tell a soul.



With love,




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