How to improve your writing

WRITING is one of my favourite things to do.

It’s also how I make a living, so I like to think that when it comes to stringing a sentence or two together I know what I’m doing! ;-)

Not everyone finds it easy though. It is, after all, a craft and to be honest, even the best writers are always looking at how they can improve and make their work better.

Writing is all about progression and striving for perfection. Sometimes words come easily, other times, they do not and have to be drawn out of you gently or pulled from your brain kicking and screaming. It’s true, words don’t always play ball.

As with everything, practice does makes perfect, but there are some ridiculously simple things you can do and implement in your work right away that will radically improve your writing style and make you a better communicator.

How do I know? Because I have learnt them, through my career, working a journalist and then as a marketing manager, and trust me, they work WONDERS.

Here in this short-ish vlog are my top five simple tips to improve your writing. (And I know what you’re thinking…why a vlog when you’re talking about writing?! Well, what can I say, it’s always good to shake things up and keep you lovely lot on your toes! )

I promise if you put them all into practice, you WILL see improvements. Words, they’re beautiful things aren’t they?!



Have a truly marvellous weekend folks! See you on Monday!

With love (and pouts)





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