Five things to try if you’re in a style rut

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IT happens to the best of us. And even the most stylish.

You’re looking your best, feeling confident, dressing well and then bam, without warning you soon find yourself in a style rut, bogged down and fearing there is no way out. And so what do you do? You panic. Or sulk. You begin to feel afraid of trying anything different and before you know it, you’re wearing the same old clobber, day in, day out. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our style ‘thang’ and that’s good. Hold on to that my friends. It’s what makes you, your fabulous YOU. Just don’t get bogged down by your clothing. Don’t let your wardrobe confuse the hell out of you. And don’t become boring with what you wear. Our style – just like life – needs shaking up from time to time, in order to get the most out of it. And so, with that in mind, here are five simple things to try if you find ever find yourself suffering from a wardrobe crisis.


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Inject some colour

Black, navy, grey, white. You can’t go wrong with classic neutrals that is true. But when you wear them day in, day out, well come on now, you gotta admit, it can all get a tad boring.

Think of how much fun you had with colour when you were a child and be inspired. Jewel colours like ruby red, cobalt blue and jade green scream class, vibrance and confidence and are great to wear when you’re feeling a bit blah or a little insecure. While softer colours like lavender blue (my favourite), blush pink and mint green are perfect for those times when a little romance and prettiness is needed like at a wedding or on a date.

Scared of colour? Still no excuse to not at least try. Start with a pattern or with vibrant, colourful accessories.


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Do the opposite of what you normally do

If you want to completely get out of your comfort zone, this is the one for you. It’s an easy rule to remember but one that works an absolute treat.

Just think of how you dress on a day to day basis and then do the EXACT opposite. Even if it’s just for a few days or a week.

Wear jeans everyday? Then put them away and wear skirts instead. Only ever seen in a frock? Then treat yourself to some trousers.Spend your life in flats? Then wear heels. (Trust me, when I say, there are heels out there that are comfortable and can be worn every day, even when running after mischievous toddlers).

Wear the opposite of what you normally wear and see how you feel. It may feel a bit weird at first but you will look very differently at yourself after. And that, my sweet lovelies, is a good thing.


Earrings and shoes

Think in numbers

Instead of wearing one necklace, wear three – of different lengths – together. Instead of one chunky bangle, mix up your wrist wear and wear it with a couple of slimmer bracelets. Instead of wearing just a pair of earrings, add a necklace and a cocktail ring.

You get the picture. Layering jewellery or wearing more than one piece at a time will boost you style rating quickly and easily. Plus, a good rummage through your jewellery box will enable you to discover all the old beauties you’d forgotten about.

Just be careful and don’t deck yourself out too much. I’m thinking of you as a fabulous display cabinet not an overdone Christmas tree.



Wear things differently

Stating the obvious huh? But seriously, look in your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. That black cocktail dress could make for a fabulous daytime outfit, teamed with a denim shirt, opague tights and a scarf. And that old pair of jeans, now deserted due to faded knees could be made into a brilliant pair of ripped jeans with a little effort.

Look at what you have and think how you can get more out of your wardrobe. Wear sequinned tops over shirts for a fun but glamourous day time look. Wear maxi skirts and stretchy skirts as dresses (this works so easily!) Belt long cardigans, wear your husband’s shirts, try teaming a feminine skirt with casual trainers or wear super high heels with tailored shorts.

Get creative, play around and have fun with what you already have.


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Be sentimental

Your clothing and accessories speak for you as a person, before you even open your mouth.Think about that for a second. Pretty powerful isn’t it?

But these days with the high street and disposable fashion, the danger is that we can all start to look and dress the same. So how do you combat this?

Easy, add pieces that tell a story. Your story. Wear pieces from your history. From your family. Pieces that mean something to you. Pieces that you just can’t live without.

Wear those brooches that belonged to your Grandma. Wear your wedding shoes again, when you attend another wedding. Wear the loom band bracelets your kids have made you. Wear that beloved dress you found in a jumble sale. Don’t save things for best. And don’t be afraid of sharing who you are.

Great pieces are brilliant conversation starters. They enable strangers to talk to you without appearing bonkers and give you an opportunity to share a story, your story with others in a subtle way.

Wearing what is important to you, makes you authentic, makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you, you. Forget how others dress. Just concentrate on telling your story and you won’t go far wrong.


Have an amazing weekend everyone! There will be no posts next week as I’m having a much needed break, but if you’re looking for something to read, do check out the archives, have a search or visit my favourite blogs!

See you soon!

With love,


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25 Discussions on
“Five things to try if you’re in a style rut”
    • Thank you! I think so too, amazing how so many of us can be afraid of colour though. It’s only the last few years that I’ve started to add more colour to my wardrobe. x

  • Great tips especially the one about doing the opposite. I am such a monochrome girl! I spent a few years wearing colour (and full on colour) which was fun but I’m back to black and loving it! #FashionFriday

    • Thanks Nomita! Love how you’ve gone from colour to monochrome as it’s usually the other way round. Fabulous! x

  • Another fab blog- love this! I always go for a pop of colour if I’m in a rut, whether via makeup or clothes. Have a lovely break #FashionFriday xx

  • It’s a funny thing style. Just when I think I might find “my look”, I get terrified of being pigeonholed as “that girl who always wears…” And I’m such a floozy, I can’t bear to commit to one look! One thing is for sure, I can’t do tomboy style – I try every now and then, but it’s not for the more curvy gal. Love this post, especially about wearing things that tell your history, even to you. I wear lots of my mother’s and grandmother’s things. Xxx

  • Hi Kate!!

    Thanks for the push this morning. I gave you a sneaky mention in my style post . I hadn’t done a fashion post before but it was in my mind to do one and I really enjoyed doing it.

    Your post is, as always great! Still can’t get over that £5 dress (that’s actually a maxi skirt) – it’s just stunning. Also, good point about wearing pieces with history – I always feel really happy when I’m wearing something that belonged to my mum or grandmother.

    I’ll miss you next week, are you going away? If you are have an amazing time! Let me know when you want to go shopping xx

    • I’m so thrilled you’ve done your first style post! You’re a natural! Thanks so much for your kind words. Speak soon xxx

  • Love your tips there great I’m in a style rut for sure at the age of 22 I dress like a middle aged women jeans and Tshirt everyday maybe shorts if it hot;) I love girly looks I feel a shopping. Trip is on the cards for me!

    • Thanks Amy! It happens to all of us, we’ve all been there. Treat yourself to a shopping splurge but I’d definitely recommend you have a good look through your wardrobe first. Another top tip – organising by outfits in your wardrobe really helps! x

  • Really great tips for refreshing your look. And I love the sentimental one, it also falls into the ‘saving things for best’ category. I’ve stopped doing this as I’ll be waiting forever to find an ‘appropriate’ time to wear my favourite, best things!

    • Thanks so much! And yes, NEVER save anything for ‘best’! Life is too short, I use / wear my ‘best’ stuff whenever I want :)

  • Oh gorgeous post, gorgeous you-I totally agree with all your points and love the sentimental one the most, I have gold bangles that belonged to my Grandma and lots of pretty vintage pieces (clothes and jewelry from my Mum) that all mean the world to me. I agree to about not saving things for best re the comment from cocomamastyle, every day is wearing your best day! Loved this post, have a gorgeous time in this family’s happy place xxx

  • Great piece! I totally agree with the colour thing – it completely transforms my mood if I get the right combination of shades… And finding personal touches to outfits too – I’ve got some great high street finds, but they always look so much better when they’re combined with things I’m pretty sure only I have in my wardrobe. #allaboutyou

  • Great post. I love colour, bright patterns and I usually wear skirts or dresses. It’s what makes me, me. Totally agree about not saving things for best. I’m a flats girl but I might be persuaded to try heels – maybe! x #TheList

  • This is just what I needed to read – my style is in such a rut, but I can’t figure out how I can swap skirts for my daily jeans as I’m running round after kids all day (weekdays and weekends), ditto for replacing my flats with heels. However I should consider swapping jeans when I go out I suppose… for thought for me. Thanks so much for this lovely! xx

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