My ARWOMAN - my Gran

EVERYWHERE I turn, everywhere I look, I am surrounded by inspiring women.

Extraordinary women.Women who have survived and thrived against the odds. Women who achieve the most incredible things. Women who continually strive to be their best.

So many women in my life inspire me and make me want to be better, from my mum to my three sisters, to my mother in law to my best friends. All of them are incredible in their own way. And I learn so much from them all.

The blogging world is another huge source of female inspiration for me. I have made wonderful friendships with wonderful women thanks to the blogging community. Women who are motivating others with their words, sharing their soul with the world and inspiring all of us to live our lives to the fullest.

Through all of these woman I have learnt so many things and continue to, on a daily basis.

So when Atterley Road asked me to take part in their #ARWOMAN campaign and talk to you all about the woman who has inspired me the most, it wasn’t an easy decision.

In fact, it was bloomin’ tough!

Because ALL of the women I know and love inspire me. (And you all know who you are!)

However in my life there has always been one woman who stood out from the crowd. One woman who always encouraged me to be better, aim higher and to achieve success.

And that inspiring #ARWOMAN was my Gran. Peggy Eileen Foster.

I’ve written about her before on the blog, even sharing some extracts from some of her personal letters to me. And there’s no doubt about it, when it comes to inspiring women, my goodness, she was one of them.

My gran – who sadly is no longer with us – was a woman born ahead of her time. She was fierce, passionate, independent, clever, witty and wise.

She was a great believer in education, hard work and doing something for the greater good.

She sought out opportunities and relished them when they came.

She overcame dreadful hardships in her childhood and youth.

She was a true feminist, believing herself to be just as good as any man. (If not better!)

She lived her own life, on her terms, and made absolutely no apologies for it.

She challenged people, she spoke her mind, she could be incredibly harsh but was always truthful.

She loved her family and was fiercely loyal to those she loved.

She valued character and intelligence above beauty and feminine charms.

She lived her life fully and never ever stopped learning or trying to better herself.

Peggy Eileen Foster was more than just my Gran. She was a mentor, an ally, my staunchest supporter and sometimes, my harshest critic.

As you may have guessed by now, I loved her dearly. And of course, always will.

I think about her every day and her wise words echo between my ears whenever I feel weak or challenged.

My Gran inspired me to take life by both hands and go for it. And she taught me that I am as as good as any man. She showed me that passion is great as long as we channel it well and that a good education and hard work can really take us places.

When I saw a psychic medium a few months ago, my Gran came up a lot in conversation and the lady who did my tarot reading and clairvoyance told me with a knowing smile, “there is much of her in you.”

She’s right, there definitely is.  And I will be forever in her debt.


For more inspiring women do check out the #ARWOMAN hashtag on Instagram (I’ll be sharing mine shortly here) and why not join in and share your own! Let’s celebrate brilliant, empowering women shall we? Which woman in your life inspires you the most?

Also do check out Atterley Road’s #ARWOMAN campaign on their site. To kick off their celebration of empowered and empowering women, they have a brilliant interview with Tasha Back, a cinematographer who has made a real name for herself in a male dominated industry, which is well worth a read.

With love,




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