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YUP, you heard right!

Call me bonkers, call me silly, call me daft as a brush (or worse if you fancy, as long as you keep it to yourself!) but I’ve decided to attempt and introduce some kind of regular ‘advice’ column to Pouting In Heels.

It’s something that’s actually been in the back of my mind for ages, months in fact. And then I came across two things recently which have convinced me that it’s a new avenue worth exploring.

One was this article by The Pool about the return of Agony Aunts to the mainstream and two, was the incredible, heartachingly, god damn wondrous book ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ by Cheryl Strayed.

What struck me most about both the article and the book, is the need we all have for authentic connection, kind ears, sympathetic shoulders and wise words.

For comfort, guidance and of course, love.

Today, when connection in some ways has never been easier thanks to the Internet, sadly it seems that many of us are feeling more alone than ever. And so I want to do my bit to help.

Recently, I’ve also been thinking a great deal about this blog’s future and it’s mission, which was always, besides being a personal blog, to try and help all women feel better about themselves.

I try and cover all kinds of stuff on here, from beauty to travel, style to food, but the beating heart of this blog and the very reason I do it and love it and would continue to do it, even if I had just a couple of readers (!), is this mission.

Women get a hard time in this world.

We’re constantly up against it. From being young girls, we’re continually told what we should do, how to behave, how to look. The pressure on us is always enormous, from how we dress to how we raise our children to how we live our lives.

And so I wanted this blog to be a kinder place for women.

A place where I say ‘hey, I think I know what you’re going through lady, let me tell you about this crazy ol’ s**t that happened to me once!’

A place where you can hopefully leave inspired, or at the very least, go away feeling a little less alone.

And so, after asking the superb women who kindly follow my FB page whether I should really take the ‘advice column’ plunge and after receiving a big resounding YES, that is what I intend to try and do!

Because I don’t just want this blog to just add to your daily social media noise.

I don’t want it to be a distraction.

I want it to be helpful.

I want you all to get something meaningful from it.

My plan is to host the column on a Wednesday, a ‘Wisdom In Heels’ Wednesday, and how regular it will be, is basically over to you guys!

It could be once a month, it could be once a week, who knows. I’m well aware that it may not even get off the ground, certainly not for a while.

Because of course, I can only step into my new new agony aunt heels, if I’m needed.

If you or someone else needs me.

Without your questions, I have nothing to answer, so it’s all a bit of test. Nothing may come of it at all, but we will see. I can but try!

All of which leads me on to say…

If you DO have a problem or if you are sat there right now struggling with something… Whether it’s big or small, about life, love, motherhood, freelancing, beauty, blogging or anything really, please do feel free to drop me a line at katie@poutinginheels.com, (Subject: Dear Wisdom In Heels…)

You can email me anonymously if you so wish and of course it goes without saying that all published letters will be anonymous too.

I’m well aware that I am not an expert or guru or psychologist or trained councillor.

But I am me.

A 36 year old woman who’s made more mistakes than she should have, but who has somehow always managed to come out the other side and learn from them.

I probably won’t have all the answers, but I can promise I’ll definitely give you a kind pair of ears and search all of the precious golden nuggets I’ve picked up along the way, to help you the very best that I can.

It’s in your hands.

You all know where I am, if you need me.


With love,





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