IF you’re a fan of The Body Shop, and let’s face it who isn’t?…

Well, then you are going to adore their new ‘Oils Of Life’ range, specifically created for – *coughs* – the more mature skin.

Yep, inside I may still feel like a teenager, but the truth is evident. Now in my mid-thirties (when did that happen?!) it’s time to start looking after this skin of mine and show it the respect it deserves.

This range is really lovely. Seriously lovely in fact.

Everything about it screams ‘luxury’ from the chic packaging (very Tom Ford don’t ya think?) to the incredible scent (you can thank the three featured super oils for that) and what’s more, the products really deliver too.


Basically, it’s everything what you would expect from the The Body Shop, but packaged in a much so fabulously stylish kind of way.

The Oils of Life range uses the highest quality, sustainably sourced cold-pressed seed oils. A powerful blend of essential oils including black cumin seed oil, camellia seed oil and rosehip seed oil, to revitalise skin, replenish moisture and revive radiance.

Sounds wonderful huh?


Don’t be put off by the ‘oils’ either. I know not everyone is a fan of oils, but these oils don’t leave any oiliness at all and instead effortlessly melt into the skin leaving a super soft, non sticky finish.

I’ve been using three products for a couple of weeks now and although it’s too early to see a difference, I have really enjoyed using them.

They smell incredible, the consistency of all products is totally dreamy and my skin seems to soak up their goodness, in utter delight.

All three products I was kindly sent – Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion and Intensely Revitalising Cream – have delivered, but if I had to pick a favourite out of the super bunch?

Well, for me, it has to be the facial oil. A dream product that feels like a total treat when you use it and a new must have for me.

If like me, you have ‘mature skin’ (!) or very dry skin that’s in desperate need of some TLC this winter, the range is definitely worth a try.

Oils of Life products may very well be the products to put some life back into your skin.


With love,




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