THE KIDS are back to school after the summer break…

and you’ve got little more spare time on your hands.

So if you’re thinking you’d like to get back into shape or become a healthier and happier you, here are a few ways you can make it happen.


Schedule your activity

Even though the kids are back to school, life with children can be hectic, so you will still need to organise your spare time in advance.

The best way to get effective health and fitness results is to give your workouts and activity a little momentum, so it’s a good idea to sit down at the beginning of the week to schedule every exercise session for the week ahead.

Make exercise ‘appointments’ – even if that means simply working out in your living room to your favourite exercise video. And try to avoid the temptation to make deals with yourself regarding the postponement of your workouts.

For instance, a lot of parents – particularly after the school summer holidays – will make a personal deal in their own head to skip an exercise session, and ‘do extra’ at a later date.

Exercise is an extremely important part of any health and fitness programme, but perhaps more important is a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Eating healthily always involves home-cooked food filled with vegetables, lean meat and fresh produce, so you need to schedule cooking time throughout the week.

Any parent knows how hard it is to cook up a storm in the kitchen, so it’s important to utilise the time your children spend in school effectively.


Make things fun

Now the kids are back to school, this is your chance to have fun and do all the things you love! Who says that exercise has to be boring?

It’s very important to make exercise enjoyable, otherwise you simply won’t stick to it. So, find out what types of activity keep you happy and entertained, and make time for them at least three times a week.

For you, this might mean buying a few cheap items of exercise equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands.
You may prefer to get your exercise on your own, so walking, cycling or swimming might be your thing.

If you prefer exercise to be social, consider joining a local fitness club, sporting association or gym. (But don’t join a gym if the thought of working out in front of other people fills you with dread. )

The time your children spend at school is precious, so spend it doing things you love.
Another way to make your exercise fun is to track your progress and set yourself goals using something such as the Fitbug fitness tracker.

This coaching app provides you with workout tips, lifestyle advice and nutritious recipes, and it also gives you constant feedback on your weight loss efforts. This is a great way to ensure you are making the best possible use of the time you have whilst your kids are at school.


Take temptation away

So, you’ve got more time on your hands when the kids are in school, but more time often means boredom. The last thing you want to do is to increase your calorie intake simply because you don’t have your kids around to keep you busy.

Make sure you don’t buy calorific comfort foods and have them lying in the fridge. A good way to ensure this never happens is to make sure you always shop on a full stomach. And never shop with your kids!


Use the school run to get moving

Instead of taking the car or a bus to school in order to pick up your kids, invest in a pair of trainers and get walking.

If you live close to the school, figure out a longer route, and stick to it every day. Making this simple change could give you the daily exercise you need to achieve all your health and fitness goals.

Getting the kids back into school frees up your time to relax and recover from the rigours of the school holidays, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to finally dedicate some time to you and getting back in shape.



*Disclosure – this post kindly comes to you from FitBug 

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