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BEFORE our plane had even landed in Kefalonia, I had already fallen a little in love with the island. As we came into land, we flew over the most beautiful beaches and turquoise seas, pretty little villages scattered across the hills, all lit up by the most glorious sunshine. And so I knew, before my eager feet had even touched the hot tarmac, that I had found a Greek paradise.

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TODAY I’m co-hosting The List with my good friend Aby for one week only. Stepping in for my buddy Hannah who normally co-hosts as she’s currently on holiday, sunning herself, taking a well deserved break and drinking a Pina Colada or something. (Hopefully.) The idea behind the list is really simple. Blogger pals – all you need to do is link up any post that is in a list format –

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IT’S official, it is Summer time! (Even though the great British weather may not agree.) The kids are off school, the barbies are being dusted off and if you’re anything like me you’ll currently be in the midst of washing and ironing and packing, as you prepare to go off on holiday. Summer is just brilliant isn’t it? Such a happy time, for children and parents alike. I love Summer! As

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Searching for pots of gold in a vibrant rainbow dress

OK, I wasn’t really searching for pots of gold, however in this multicoloured little number I kinda feel that I should have been! My rainbow ‘dress’ isn’t a dress either. Nope. It’s actually a maxi skirt that I bought last year in Primark for a ridiculous £5 in the sale. It was a complete gamble if I’m honest. Why? Well one, I’m not that keen on maxi skirts. Two, they

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MY STYLE: A sunny Saturday in double denim & new heels

ON Saturday the sun was out in full force and boy oh boy didn’t it feel good?! Admittedly it was a little chilly when out of the sunshine, but nevertheless it was bloomin’ gorgeous. In total honesty, I’ve been waiting for a decent sunny day for a long time. And not just because I am in desperate need of some cheering up right up now. But because, well, I’ve been

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