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IT’S Christmas, it’s party time, so there’s only one thing for it. It’s time to roll out the bling and make a statement. As a real ‘magpie’ of a gal, there’s nothing I love more in the style world, than some sparkle or glitz. Particularly at this time of year when it’s sooo dark and sooo grey. Dark days and nights demand some twinkle, do they not? And there’s no easier

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A lady in red & a rainbow necklace

SOMETIMES you buy something so wonderful that you just can’t wait to wear it. Like this multicoloured beaded ‘rainbow’ necklace that I found in the online Topshop sale a couple of months ago. As soon as it arrived, I couldn’t wait to wear it but as it’s such a statement piece, it’s not – unfortunately – the easiest thing to wear. It needs a simple neckline. It needs the chance

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