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THERE are many good things you can say about Great Britain. (Although admittedly, as of late, it doesn’t really feel that way.) But let’s face it, our bonkers weather isn’t one of them. We’re well into the first week of July and yet it’s taken me nearly two months, two months (!) before I managed to find the opportunity to wear one of my new summer style purchases.

‘Pouting For Others’: My Kuji shop guest post

A FEW weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Kuji¬†Shop in Sheffield and invited to do a guest blog post. Based on Sheffield’s much loved Ecclesall Rd, Kuji Shop is an independent boutique that sells international ranges and prides itself on supporting local artists and designers. As a lady who loves pretty things, I was asked to give their new (and rather fabulous) jewellery collections a review

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