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Well my darling. It’s finally here! The day I’ve been dreading for about a year and the one you’ve been excited about for a good few months. Your first day at school.

A letter to fame seekers (From a woman who really knows what she’s talking about)

I AM so, so excited to bring you this very special post today! Especially, as it’s from a dear friend of mine. It’s rare I do guest posts on here, because you know, this blog is my baby. But when a brilliant, talented friend of mine has an idea for one, well I just can’t say no and this is no exception. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you come across someone

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Am I good enough? (Yes, you are)

  US women have a tough ol time’ getting by in this world I reckon. We’re critiqued, we’re pulled apart, we’re pitted against each other. We’re told how we should look, how we should dress, how we should behave. The pressure is endless and it all adds up to this message: “You’re not good enough.” If like me, sometimes you find yourself thinking this very thing and a bit too

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