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How to get your wardrobe winter ready

NOW the weather has finally turned, I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week getting my wardrobe Winter ready. You may think this rather odd (and I wouldn’t blame you) but I actually LOVE sorting out my closet and getting it ready for the new season. Admittedly it takes some time and I definitely have to be in the mood for it (battling with hangers is not my idea

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Film Styles to Look Forward To (Or Not)

IF there’s two things that I love, it’s fashion and film. So I’m delighted to share this post with you from fashion writer Elizabeth Jones about futuristic fashion in film and how it can (and often does) influence how we dress. Massive shoulder pads anyone?! ;-) Enjoy! ————— By Elizabeth Jones IT’S easy to look back and judge the fashion trends of the past. Whether we find ourselves waxing nostalgic

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Five reasons to visit Florence

YESTERDAY I was looking through some old holiday photographs and I started to think about all the incredible places that I’ve visited which have a special place in my heart. I’ve been very fortunate to have seen as much of the world as I have (although there’s still so much more I NEED to see!) but when it comes to those places that I will remember fondly forever, I’ve got

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Five things to try if you’re in a style rut

IT happens to the best of us. And even the most stylish. You’re looking your best, feeling confident, dressing well and then bam, without warning you soon find yourself in a style rut, bogged down and fearing there is no way out. And so what do you do? You panic. Or sulk. You begin to feel afraid of trying anything different and before you know it, you’re wearing the same

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The night I dined with Manolo Blahnik (& German Vogue)

SOMETIMES, there are moments in life that are just so fabulous, you have to pinch yourself really hard to make sure that it’s actually really happening. That you’re not really dreaming and going to wake up and be back to reality with a hard, cold bump. This night, as you can probably imagine, was one of them. I met the legendary Manolo Blahnik many years ago, at a small ‘soiree’

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Searching for pots of gold in a vibrant rainbow dress

OK, I wasn’t really searching for pots of gold, however in this multicoloured little number I kinda feel that I should have been! My rainbow ‘dress’ isn’t a dress either. Nope. It’s actually a maxi skirt that I bought last year in Primark for a ridiculous £5 in the sale. It was a complete gamble if I’m honest. Why? Well one, I’m not that keen on maxi skirts. Two, they

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LIFE: Stuff I’ve fallen in love with recently. Discoveries and the like.

I WASN’T sure whether to put this post under my secrets or life category. After a little deliberation though, I opted for life in the end. (Because it’s what life is all about isn’t it?! Discovering stuff?) But anyway…I’m going off the point here. As it’s always good to show some appreciation, here’s a quick round up of little discoveries that I’ve loved or enjoyed recently. Or in other words,

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FRIDAY FIVE: My favourite childrenswear companies

WITH Elsie now approaching her 2nd birthday (I still can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!) it’s safe to say I’ve become acquainted with some fabulous childrenswear brands over the past few years. It’s hard to whittle them down, the choice for girls being particularly fantastic, but here are five of my favourites currently. And some top tips on what to buy from each one. ———   Mothercare An obvious one

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