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I HAVEN’T done an ‘Elsie style post’ for ages! Donkeys in fact. So the other day, when there was a break in the heavy rain we’ve been having, I decided to take my wee poppet outside and encourage her to take part in her very own ‘photoshoot’. She was striking all kinds of poses – some of them worked and some of them didn’t quite work so well (!) -but

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I TOOK Elsie to Yorkshire Sculpture Park a week or so ago. It was the perfect place for her to scamp about, run amok and ‘break in’ her amazing new boots. Her ‘Hattie’¬†monkey boots from Young Soles that are made from the softest navy leather and feature the most stunning contrasting Liberty print shoelaces. I have to say when these luxury boots arrived for Elsie, I couldn’t stop touching the

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Ideas for Elsie’s big bedroom (and for other toddlers)

I’M not quite sure how it’s happened already but it has. Elsie has grown up and so it’s time to move my not-so wee cherub out of her nursery and give her a ‘proper’ bedroom. You know with lots of room to play, where she can let loose and throw her toys about. Currently Elsie is in a teeny tiny room. Which is fine and has been perfectly lovely (if

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Hats off to Olivier Baby

YESTERDAY was one of those beautiful, crisp but sunny Autumnal days. The perfect day to head to the park (with ‘rabbit’ obviously) kick about the fallen leaves and wear a fancy hat. Elsie that is, not me. I have much to learn from my daughter when it comes to head attire! This was no ordinary hat though. No, no, no. This was an extraordinary luxurious cashmere hat from the stunning

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Seaside stripes and denim

OH I do love to be beside the seaside… Especially when I’m dressed comfortably and braced for the Great British weather! You may have noticed that it was a little quiet on Pouting In Heels last week and you would be right, it was, as I enjoyed a week off holidaying with my husband, Elsie and some of my family on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast. Based in a lovely

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GIVEAWAY TIME! (And some love for Liliputians accessories)

SO Elsie was an exceptionally lucky girl on her birthday a few weeks ago, because not only did she receive a huge amount of presents and get to eat lots of cake… But she also received the most stunning headband any girl could wish for from the very kind people at Liliputians. Liliputians is a new children’s accessory brand specialising in small accessories which create mighty impressions! I loved the

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