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Oh my giddy aunt! Please vote for me in the BiBs (if you so wish)

YESTERDAY my Twitter feed went bonkers. And all because the shortlist for the BiBs 2015 (The Brilliance in Blogging Awards) had come out. And all because I’ve only gone and made the bloody shortlist! And all because it’s for the writer category too! Oh my giddy Aunt! So thank you. THANK YOU! To anyone, indeed everyone, who nominated me or put me forward to be considered. I’m absolutely gobsmacked but

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IN the three or so years that I have been blogging, I am forever amazed at the wealth of blogging talent that I come across. Day in, day out. At the ability, determination and creativity of bloggers. Women (and men) just like me – who pour their hearts out, who write ferociously, who share parts of their lives – for all the world to read and see. So I love

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